After a long times working in accounting software designing and business management, I have decided to share my experiences over internet. I have designed many accounting software, websites for trading companies and online marketing (S.E.O) to help them control their accounts and sell more. As a matter of fact, this sharing is not for money, it will be for only learning. so that, it is time to leave these experiences to anybody want to step in business. I will update this site more and more, to help you not repeat my mistakes in business and follow my success story better


We are in a modern world that the most of trading and communication will be done by internet. you could not break it and tell I want to be simple !, It is not possible. When all of business men will trade with high speed , you could not slow down them. so that, you should get speed asap


A center to learn everything about accounting with start of basic subjects to advanced sections like amortization and goodwill. 


A top section in this site for introducing the most used software in companies and shops as accounting software, CRM, ERP, Sales software, Billing software, POS software, Stock management, Payroll application, Hotel management, Air Agency software and more


With SEO, you can put your website in front of millions of visitors and presents your goods for sales. but it is not so easy as it looks. SEO means search engine optimization and you should know it higher more than other competitors levels to get the results. A website in page one of search engines like Google is like a treasure and it will be cost up to 1 million dollars.