Business-to-Consumer  VS Consumer-to-Business

In a B2C model, commercial transactions are between an organization and the consumers (Chaffey, 2002). When applied to the retail industry, for instance, a B2C process will be similar to the traditional method of retailing, the main difference being the medium used to carry out business – the Internet. Such a method of carrying out business transactions assumes that the consumer has access to the Internet. By selling direct to customers or reducing the number of intermediaries, companies can achieve higher profits while charging lower prices (Laudon and Laudon, 2002). This removal of intermediary organizations or business process layers is termed disinter mediation. Some examples of the B2C category include Amazon.com and eBay.

C2B on the other hand, is a business model in which consumers offer products and services to companies at a cost. This business model is a reversal of traditional business model where companies offer goods and services to consumers. Online surveys such as Surveys.com, and Survey Monkey, are typical examples of C2B models, where individuals offer the service to reply to a company’s survey and in return the company pays the individual for their service.



Consumer to Consumer ( C2C business )

What is C2C

Actually it means a direct relation between consumers for e-business. we can see many model of this business type in internet. for example a consumer have a second hand TV and by social network he will find another consumer that need this TV and sell it to her.

Business Model Example

Another examples of CtoC business models are consumer e-auctions and blogs. In a C2C rail, although there may be no financial transaction, there is still an exchange of value and these are economic activities and could be referred to as peer-to-peer (Timmers, 2000).

C to C business model
Consumer to Consumer business model

Blogs, for example, have led to the development of news C2B and C2C applications by presenting the opportunity and tools for virtually anyone to express their views easily and to communicate these globally and inexpensively. For instance, Nano-publishing is an application of C2C (and C2B) schemes using low cost online publishing techniques such as blogging (writing weblogs) to target a specific audience. Additionally, Pod casting, video casting, and other blog-related technologies help to provide opportunities to develop new economic systems and to generate alternative revenues.

Business to Business (B2B)

B2B Meaning

Business to Business (or B2B as it is commonly referred to) is an electronic means of carrying out business transactions between two or more businesses. B2B incorporates everything from manufacturing to service providers.

There are several examples of B2B models.

  • Using B2B a company can leverage the Internet to place orders electronically, receive electronic invoices and make electronic payments.
  • Other examples include project extra nets, e-Hubs and e-commerce applications

Taxonomy for E-business

E-Business can be broadly divided into the following categories as illustrated as below:

Models of taxonomy