Accounting Articles

Heart of any business is money and control of it, is the top task of the manager. so that, a true and fair view of accounting could be the best. Here, we have tried to collect the latest methods and accounting articles. these articles are for learning accounting from beginning to advanced levels.

Basic Articles

These articles are core of accounting

Debit & credit terms
Accrual Method Accounting
Advantages computerized bookkeeping
Recording Goodwill entry
Balance Sheet
Sale of stock for cash
Sales Day Book
payroll associated matters


International Accounting Standards

UK Accounting Standards

Type of Accounts

Accounts Type Ledgers

Accounts Receivables
Amortization & Goodwill
Current Liabilities
ledger types
ledgers book type
Petty cash


Chartered Professional Accountant
Double Entry Accounting

3 Basic Rules in Bookkeeping
Alternative Revenue Recognition Methods

Audited Financial Statements
Balance Sheet Current-Assets
Cash Book
General Journal
Income Recognition Net Assets
Income Statements
Interpretation Financial Statements
Trial Balances
Statement of Changes
Measurement Systems

Bookkeeping with Excel

Cost Accounting

Classification of Costs
Cost Accounting Systems
Cost Systems in Accounting
Fixed Variable Costs
Management Accounting
Organization Costs
Roles in Cost Accounting
Cost Accounting Reports
Manufacturing Business

Computerized Systems

Major features of bookkeeping systems
Matching paper computer
Using computer in bookkeeping

Reports and Statements

Current Assets in Balance Sheets

Income Statement

Audited Financial Statement

for any accountant, basic articles of accounting is a key aspect of his abilities. All articles in this page are for beginners to advanced accountants to use them for real tasks.

Most articles are extracted from personal experiences or sometimes are from famous books like “Financial Accounting” from Wiley Publishing & “Bookkeeping and Accounting” by Roger Mason printed by Hodder Education ¬†However these articles are only for learning purpose and not trading.