Examples of invoicing

The best way to learn an accounting software is to enter real invoices and vouchers in it. Therefore, we will add different examples of invoice entry of sample businesses in Dubai, Oman and Qatar to show you how to do invoicing by iGreen accounting application.


Manage Currencies

Multi currency is one of top feature in iGreen accounting. so that, you can record and issue sales invoices and any voucher of cash transactions in any currency that you want. To look at list of currencies in iGreen accounting, in home screen, in right, bottom of screen, please click on update currency. so that, […]


Profit and Loss Report

When you record invoices of your business in iGreen accounting software, it will give you an easy to understanding report of profit and loss As you see here, you can get total of profits of all your items and also you can control one by one of items. In this example, we have two items […]


Forex Positions

Online market of currencies or Forex is very sensitive to any politics changes. an eCommerce with high risk to loss your investments in market very easy. So it need study very carefully ! we will update it about our analyses when to buy or sell EURUSD , JPNUSD and GBPUSD Forex signal of this week […]


Expense Entry Software for Dubai

In any business, Gross income is the main statement for taxation but to know net income, you need to reduce expenses from it, with a perfect expense entry software you can reach net income easily. There are many software in Dubai markets and you can use them for journal entry of expenses. here we will […]


There many business owners in Dubai that they need an honest guides to know how to order software and automate their business accounts department. so that, a free consultation of accounting in Dubai, could be a advantage for you to know what you need really for your accounts department.

Without a true consultation maybe there are many hidden charges along buying more than one software but without real usage and again re-use paper system for accounting.

Free Consultation

we have free consultation services to analyze and map your business into a routine of accounting software.

Before any purchase or order any accounting software, you can use our free consultation about accounting.

Steps of order a custom accounting software

  1. Our salesperson will talk to you about your business, he will check your financial transactions on papers and so that, he will adjust list of modules you need to enter your vouchers to get the best statements and reports.
  2. Our salesperson will calculate price of custom software and after agreement with you and your down payment, in one week, we will prepare a special version of iGreen accounting compatible with your business.
  3. It will be installed by our salesperson  or we will send its download link (if you have anybody to install the software)
  4. We will be beside you to help and guide you for recording your vouchers and invoices and we will check frequently your suggestion to optimize iGreen accounting as the best as you want.

Updates of software

We also adjust yearly main updates for iGreen accounting to suport you keep your business accounting’s modules updates regard accounting standard of economic department of United Arab Emirates’ government

To get started and get a free consultation, please click here to send a request to us

We will arrange a suitable time for you to have meeting with our salesperson in your office or company.

Note: Our consultation of accounting is free for Dubai location only. other location will be start with online meeting at the first and next meeting will arrange in Dubai by invite you.

Free accounting consultation in Dubai


e-Business lnfrastructure

Early e-business applications in the construction industry were built around focused and narrow processes such as oniine blue rooms and online project management and collaboration portals. It was estimated that US$2.5 billion has been spent in capital investments, in the United States only, by Application Service Providers creating project management and collaboration portals alone. Despite the large IT investments […]


Accounting Software Images

Screenshots and images of accounting software could help you to select an accounting software for your accounts department. With looking at images, you don't need to waste your time for installation of accounting software one by one. You can quickly look at screenshots of any accounting software to see what it offers you.

It is important to check what types of vouchers and invoices, you want to have in an accounting software. some of accounting programs are strong in manufacturing department but some of them are strong in shopping accounting. so that, it is not true if an accounting software is strong in another field could be strong in your accounts department.

Images of Quickbooks Accounting Software

Quickbooks accounting has been used widely in United state of America. it is a software product of Intuit software company.

Chart of Accounts in Quickbooks accounting

Quickbooks - Chart of Accounts

Customer payments in Quickbooks Accounting

Customer payments

Main screen of Quickbooks

Main screen of Quickbooks

Sales Invoice in Quickbooks

Invoice in Quickbooks

Images of Peachtree Accounting Software

Invoice entry form in Peachtree accounting software

Invoice entry form in Peachtree accounting software

Print of invoice in one the best accounting software - Peachtree

Print of invoice in one the best accounting software (Peachtree)

Peachtree accounting software - Main Screen

Main screen of Peachtree

Chart of Accounts in Peachtree accounting

Peachtree accounting - Chart of Accounts

Images of iGreen Accounting Software

The most important benefits of iGreen accounting are:

  • A real free accounting software
  • Unlimited levels in Chart of accounts
  • Tree-veiw chart of accounts
  • Tree-view list of items and goods
  • Unlimited photo of products
  • Multi-Currency
Inventory form in iGreen accounting software

Inventory form in iGreen accounting

iGreen Accounting Software V1.1.0.1

Main Screen

iGreen's chart of accounts

iGreen's chart of accounts

Journal Entry in version of iGreen

Journal Entry in version of iGreen accounting

Example of Cash payment in iGreen

Example of Cash payment in iGreen

Report of client cash payment in iGreen

Report of client cash payment in iGreen

Cash Receipt form in iGreen Accounting

Cash Receipt form in iGreen Accounting

Mobile shops in Dubai

Mobile Shops in Dubai

Mobile shops are popular stores in Dubai. You can find the latest mobile and phone models in Dubai very easy.

if you walk in Naser square (Baniyas square), you will see many cell phone stores & shops that sell mobile phones.


  • Zamani Phones l.l.c
    • Tel: 04-22836772, Fax: 04-2283673 (Baniyas Sq, Landmark Plaza hotel building, Deira)
      • Zamani Phones in Deira, Dubai

        Zamani Phones's visit card

Apple mobile in Dubai

Apple mobile shop - official agent in Dubai

Axiom cell phone store

Axiom cell phone store in Mall of Emirates

BlackBerry mobile store in Dubai

BlackBerry mobile store in Dubai mall

Fono mobile shop in Mall of Emirates in Dubai

Fono mobile shop in Mall of Emirates in Dubai

List of mobile shops in Dubai

Mall of Emirates

  • Apple 
    Address:Mall of the Emirates, Al Barsha 1, Dubai
    Toll-free: 800 04441819
  • Jumbo 
  • Address: Dubai Silicon Oasis - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    Phone:+971 4 342 3704 

Dubai Mall

  • Blackberry shop
  • Address: Dubai mall - Dubai - United Arab Emirates Phone:+971 4 3253117
  • Hello Grand Mobile Shop
    Address: Al Marabea Rd - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    Phone:+971 4 341 1678 
  • Speedstar Mobiles
    Address: Shop 5, La Rosa 3, Street 20, Frij Al Murar,Community 117, Deira - near Dalmukh Masjid - United Arab Emirates
    Phone:+971 4 272 3835
  • Belal Mohammed Computer Technology L.L.C

    Address: Shop# 149-D, Al-Khaleej Center, Mezzanine Floor, Bur Dubai - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    Phone:+971 50 845 1914
  • Silver Kingdom Mobile Shop, Deira

    Address: 18th St - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    Phone:+971 50 705 8222
  • Royal World Mobile Phones L.L.C

    Address: shop no.1, Jhasim Ahmaedel el Hindy Bldng , Deira - 18 18th St - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    Phone:+971 4 273 3405
  • Technocare Phone Repair

    Address: The Curve, 4th St - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    Phone:+971 800 7927
  • Address: Naif Road, Deira - Behind Karachi Darbar Hotel ,Opp: Hayat Regency - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    Phone:+971 4 273 8787
  • Address: Deira City Centre,Deira - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    Phone:+971 4 254 5013
  • Address: Al Satwa Road,Al Satwa,Opposite Al Satwa Bus Station - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    Phone:+971 4 332 6658
  • Address: Opposite to Astoria Hotel Meena Bazaar Bur Dubai - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    Phone:+971 800 344357
  • Kwakb Al Sama Mobile Phone Shop
    Address: Jumeirah Beach Road - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    Phone:+971 50 599 5089
  • SevDotCom Digital
    Address: G07, Building 1 (Thomson Reuters), Dubai Media City - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    Phone:+971 4 374 8378
  • Ramsis Mobile Phones Trading LLC
    Address: G Floor,Shop # 26,Gargash Center,Al Sabkha Road,Deira - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    Phone:+971 4 224 0300
  • Al Falak Electronics
    Address: Mirdif City Centre,H15,H16, Dubai, United Arab Emirates - PB No: 5303 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    Phone:+971 4 284 0801

List Your Mobile Shop Here

If you have a mobile shop in Dubai or Abu Dhabi and if you would like to list information of your shop here,

it is free

Please send us, full information as name of company or shop, location of shop, phone and fax no, website, logo and some photo of your shop from external and internal view.

So that, We put it here in less than 24 hours.

Please click here to send


Verdict: System Architecture and Operation

System architecture Verdict is built around a three-tier architecture model, which comprises the following: The client tier The middle tier The database tier At the top level of the model is the client tier, which includes the Web browser software that interacts with the Verdict application. In between the top and bottom tiers is the middle tier, which […]


Verdict Implementation

The VERDICT application consists of a series of judgement statements which fall into the four categories of management, process, people and technology. The end-users may either agree or disagree with these statements, to varying degrees. Verdict relies on the judgement of the respondent (i.e. end-user) as to whether or not he/she agrees with the statement/s in the context of their […]

iGreen accounting a free full version software for small business

Best Invoice Software

If you are owner of a shop, so that, you asked many times what is the best invoice software for my shop?. The term "Best" could point to many parameter. and also it varies from user to user.
Maybe one user of an accounting software doesn't like other accounting software but second user loves it deeply. so, you should try a trial version of any software that you have plan to buy it.
generally, We can list some of feature that could shows you a better accounting software

Feature of the best invoice software

  • Easy installation without need to special hardware
  • Easy run without any special software as Pre-installed
  • User-friendly environment to help you run it easy
  • Using it without any need to special knowledge of accounting
  • Easy move accounting data to another computer (Backup and Recover)
  • Weekly update to keep you updated
  • Automatic double entry to save your time of entry
  • Automatic inventory control to protect you from out-of-stock !

One of The best invoice software

Peachtree accounting has been used in the most countries as the best invoice software

Example of Invoice software

Print of invoice in one the best accounting software - Peachtree

Print of invoice in one the best accounting software (Peachtree)


Invoice entry form in Peachtree accounting software

Invoice entry form in Peachtree accounting software

Download Invoice Software

To download iGreen accounting software for invoice entry, please click on below link:

Download iGree accounting software, full version for windows 7

Download iGreen accounting software


Four Key Elements for an E-ready Organization

implement and benefit from new technologies such as e-business, it is essential that the people (who are the ultimate users of the technology) and the process are given due consideration. The technology within the company also needs to be assessed in order to ensure that the company has the necessary infrastructure (ICT infrastructure) to use existing and new or emerging […]



VERDICT is an Internet-based prototype application that assesses the overall e-readiness of end-user companies and profiles the companies in this regard, based on their responses. The name, ‘VERDICT’ reflects the overall aim and purpose of the application. VERDICT is developed to aid construction sector end-users to gauge their e-readiness for using e-business technologies such as Web-based collaboration tools. It […]


Review of Readiness Assessment Models

An increasing number of readiness assessment tools have been developed over the last few years. On the surface, each tool gauges how ready a society or economy is to benefit from information technology and e-business. However, according to Peters (2001) the range of tools use widely varying approaches for readiness assessment, including different methods for measurement. Each assessment tool or […]


Methodology for e-Readiness

e-Readiness can mean different things to different people, in different contexts, and for different purposes. The authors define e-readiness is as ‘the ability of an organization, department or work-group to successfully adopt, use and benefit from information and communication technologies (ICTs) such as e-business’. It is important for companies that seek to adopt e-business to undertake an analysis of their […]


Organizational Readiness for e-Business

With the growing importance of the Internet, companies across several industries, including construction, are increasingly leveraging the Internet to achieve competitive advantage.Internet-based tools such as project extra nets are being used to manage construction projects. Such tools can be used to monitor control, manipulate and store project information and to make it available to all participants of the construction supply […]


End-user Case Studies in e Business

With a view to capture end-user processes ‘before’ and ‘after’ using e-business applications, the drivers for e-business adoption, reasons for companies to engage in e-business, the skills and competence requirements, and the business benefits and limitations of e-business applications, case studies with end-users of Products A and B were conducted. Management level staff, such as senior project managers and IT […]


Product Reviews

In the review process, Products A and B were reviewed for their scope and functionality. This provided an insight into the background, scope, functionality and other details of each application and helped to capture key company (ASP) and product-specific information. The next section gives a brief overview of Products A and B and illustrates with an example, the impact of […]


End-user Construction Companies

Following the examples of other industry sectors, a small, but increasing number of construction organizations are beginning to adopt e-business for performance improvements and addressing the adversarial inter organizational relationships and fragmented processes. In the past few years, the UK construction industry has witnessed the emergence of a number of e-business applications to monitor, control, manipulate and store project information […]


Node 4253 in BPR Model

The example demonstrated here illustrates opportunities for using e-business in construction processes. The example Node .4253 described is that of an innovative procurement process. Node 4253 incorporates the concept of using I-components for the door ordering process. The process of selecting a product supplier (in this case the door supplier) requires input from the client brief, door detail drawings […]


BPR Model

To demonstrate the potential of using e-business in construction a representative BRR model was developed using the information channel (IC), one of the UK’s leading collaboration tools at the time (Construction Plus, 2001). This representative business process model provides an insight into how the then current working practices of the construction supply chain could be better managed using the IC. […]


BPR for e-Business

Continuous demand for better performance and quality of services and products from customers and clients has forced industries to continually improve their work methods and hence their business processes, which are, at a basic level, a set of activities that transform inputs into outputs for another person or process using people and tools (ProSci, 2001). The process of changing business […]


Processes of the Business Construction

The survey findings showed that in the early years of its adoption, the exact benefits of e-business in construction were not clear. The reality of the situation, however, was that in other industries e-business models had been considerably successful and the resulting automated processes were faster and more efficient than their traditional counterparts. The most successful example […]


e-Business Adoption

An industry-wide survey conducted in late 2001/early 2002 attempted to identify the use of IT and e-business within the UK construction sector with the aim of identifying barriers, enablers and the potential of using e-business. It helped in identifying, examining and analyzing the industry-perspective on e-business adoption and helped in developing recommendations for the effective uptake of e-business within […]


The Construction Context of e-Business

The level of uptake of e-business in construction varies from company to company and depends on a range of factors such as the type of the company, its role within the construction supply chain and the level of information and communication technology (ICT) competence, amongst others. The progression towards a ‘holistic’ approach to e-business adoption is gradual as companies […]


Relevant Cash Flows

Investment decisions, like all other decisions, should be analysed in terms of the cash flows that can be directly attributable to them. These cash flows should include the incremental cash flows that will occur in the future following acceptance of the investment. The cash flows will include cash inflows and outflows, or the inflows may be represented by savings […]