Lists of Business Specific (R to V)

Lists of Business Specific (R to V)

Real Estate Company

This type of business provides real estate services to the general public. Some of their activities might include sale of properties for themselves or a builder/developer. They might also get involved with rental property management.

Religious Organizations

This set of accounts would be suitable for a religious organization. It tracks revenues and expenditures for churches and non-profit groups.


The principal concern of the accounting system in a restaurant is to track prime costs. In a restaurant, prime costs are the cost of goods (mostly food and beverages) and the cost of salaries and wages. As a general rule, prime costs should be less than 65 percent of sales.

Retail Company

Retail companies are a general type of business that typically sell stock inventory and track its cost. Most retail businesses operate on a cash basis or use some sort of point-of-sale system.

Sales and Service Company

This type of business acts as a retailer of certain items and also services those items. Two examples are a bicycle or lawn mower dealer. Another example is a pest control company that sells and installs pest control devices and treatments and later maintains this service on a regular basis.

Service Company

This business provides a variety of services to its customers. The services could include types such as shoe repair or appliance repair. Service is a general type of industry.

Shoe Store

This type of business is involved in the retail sale of shoes and footwear to the general public.

Sporting Goods Dealer

This type of business sells retail or wholesale sporting goods to the public or other retail level stores.

Taxicab Service

This business tracks income and expenses for one or many taxicabs serving the general public.


This type of business provides services to the general public. It receives revenues from ticket and concession sales and expenses from film rental, building rental and employee expenses.


This type of business provides upholstery services to the general public. These services might include repair or custom fabrication of furniture pieces.


This type of business provides goods and services to their customers. The goods might involve various pet supplies, while the services would include grooming, boarding, and health maintenance.

Video Rental Company

This type of business provides both goods and services to the general public. The services would include video rental. The items sold might include used videos, candy and snacks.


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