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Cash Book Format

We are listening many times terms like “cash” and “money” in any business and shops. because all trading transactions are on cash flow and it is the base of any business with format of in bank or in hand. So that, a successful business should keep its cash transactions very clear with true format in […]


Notes Receivable

For accounting purposes, the term notes receivable refers to promissory notes, bills of exchange or trade acceptances. Notes receivable are distinguished by the fact that they are written contractual arrangements for the payment of a specific amount of money, generally plus interest, at a stated time. They are usually negotiable or transferable instruments which enable the holder to […]


Cash Account

The First question is: “what is Cash”. Cash vs Money”  is king. It is the essential part of business so cash identity is a strong matter in financial reports and without cash, a business cannot pay its employees’ wages or pay for goods or services. Cash book entry is recording cash in the bank account […]