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Manage Currencies

Multi currency is one of top feature in iGreen accounting. so that, you can record and issue sales invoices and any voucher of cash transactions in any currency that you want. To look at list of currencies in iGreen accounting, in home screen, in right, bottom of screen, please click on update currency. so that, […]


Expense Entry Software for Dubai

In any business, Gross income is the main statement for taxation but to know net income, you need to reduce expenses from it, with a perfect expense entry software you can reach net income easily. There are many software in Dubai markets and you can use them for journal entry of expenses. here we will […]


There many business owners in Dubai that they need an honest guides to know how to order software and automate their business accounts department. so that, a free consultation of accounting in Dubai, could be a advantage for you to know what you need really for your accounts department.

Without a true consultation maybe there are many hidden charges along buying more than one software but without real usage and again re-use paper system for accounting.

Free Consultation

we have free consultation services to analyze and map your business into a routine of accounting software.

Before any purchase or order any accounting software, you can use our free consultation about accounting.

Steps of order a custom accounting software

  1. Our salesperson will talk to you about your business, he will check your financial transactions on papers and so that, he will adjust list of modules you need to enter your vouchers to get the best statements and reports.
  2. Our salesperson will calculate price of custom software and after agreement with you and your down payment, in one week, we will prepare a special version of iGreen accounting compatible with your business.
  3. It will be installed by our salesperson  or we will send its download link (if you have anybody to install the software)
  4. We will be beside you to help and guide you for recording your vouchers and invoices and we will check frequently your suggestion to optimize iGreen accounting as the best as you want.

Updates of software

We also adjust yearly main updates for iGreen accounting to suport you keep your business accounting’s modules updates regard accounting standard of economic department of United Arab Emirates’ government

To get started and get a free consultation, please click here to send a request to us

We will arrange a suitable time for you to have meeting with our salesperson in your office or company.

Note: Our consultation of accounting is free for Dubai location only. other location will be start with online meeting at the first and next meeting will arrange in Dubai by invite you.

Free accounting consultation in Dubai


Accounting Software Images

Screenshots and images of accounting software could help you to select an accounting software for your accounts department. With looking at images, you don't need to waste your time for installation of accounting software one by one. You can quickly look at screenshots of any accounting software to see what it offers you.

It is important to check what types of vouchers and invoices, you want to have in an accounting software. some of accounting programs are strong in manufacturing department but some of them are strong in shopping accounting. so that, it is not true if an accounting software is strong in another field could be strong in your accounts department.

Images of Quickbooks Accounting Software

Quickbooks accounting has been used widely in United state of America. it is a software product of Intuit software company.

Chart of Accounts in Quickbooks accounting

Quickbooks - Chart of Accounts

Customer payments in Quickbooks Accounting

Customer payments

Main screen of Quickbooks

Main screen of Quickbooks

Sales Invoice in Quickbooks

Invoice in Quickbooks

Images of Peachtree Accounting Software

Invoice entry form in Peachtree accounting software

Invoice entry form in Peachtree accounting software

Print of invoice in one the best accounting software - Peachtree

Print of invoice in one the best accounting software (Peachtree)

Peachtree accounting software - Main Screen

Main screen of Peachtree

Chart of Accounts in Peachtree accounting

Peachtree accounting - Chart of Accounts

Images of iGreen Accounting Software

The most important benefits of iGreen accounting are:

  • A real free accounting software
  • Unlimited levels in Chart of accounts
  • Tree-veiw chart of accounts
  • Tree-view list of items and goods
  • Unlimited photo of products
  • Multi-Currency
Inventory form in iGreen accounting software

Inventory form in iGreen accounting

iGreen Accounting Software V1.1.0.1

Main Screen

iGreen's chart of accounts

iGreen's chart of accounts

Journal Entry in version of iGreen

Journal Entry in version of iGreen accounting

Example of Cash payment in iGreen

Example of Cash payment in iGreen

Report of client cash payment in iGreen

Report of client cash payment in iGreen

Cash Receipt form in iGreen Accounting

Cash Receipt form in iGreen Accounting

Mobile shops in Dubai

Mobile Shops in Dubai

Mobile shops are popular stores in Dubai. You can find the latest mobile and phone models in Dubai very easy.

if you walk in Naser square (Baniyas square), you will see many cell phone stores & shops that sell mobile phones.


  • Zamani Phones l.l.c
    • Tel: 04-22836772, Fax: 04-2283673 (Baniyas Sq, Landmark Plaza hotel building, Deira)
      • Zamani Phones in Deira, Dubai

        Zamani Phones's visit card

Apple mobile in Dubai

Apple mobile shop - official agent in Dubai

Axiom cell phone store

Axiom cell phone store in Mall of Emirates

BlackBerry mobile store in Dubai

BlackBerry mobile store in Dubai mall

Fono mobile shop in Mall of Emirates in Dubai

Fono mobile shop in Mall of Emirates in Dubai

List of mobile shops in Dubai

Mall of Emirates

  • Apple 
    Address:Mall of the Emirates, Al Barsha 1, Dubai
    Toll-free: 800 04441819
  • Jumbo 
  • Address: Dubai Silicon Oasis - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    Phone:+971 4 342 3704 

Dubai Mall

  • Blackberry shop
  • Address: Dubai mall - Dubai - United Arab Emirates Phone:+971 4 3253117
  • Hello Grand Mobile Shop
    Address: Al Marabea Rd - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    Phone:+971 4 341 1678 
  • Speedstar Mobiles
    Address: Shop 5, La Rosa 3, Street 20, Frij Al Murar,Community 117, Deira - near Dalmukh Masjid - United Arab Emirates
    Phone:+971 4 272 3835
  • Belal Mohammed Computer Technology L.L.C

    Address: Shop# 149-D, Al-Khaleej Center, Mezzanine Floor, Bur Dubai - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    Phone:+971 50 845 1914
  • Silver Kingdom Mobile Shop, Deira

    Address: 18th St - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    Phone:+971 50 705 8222
  • Royal World Mobile Phones L.L.C

    Address: shop no.1, Jhasim Ahmaedel el Hindy Bldng , Deira - 18 18th St - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    Phone:+971 4 273 3405
  • Technocare Phone Repair

    Address: The Curve, 4th St - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    Phone:+971 800 7927
  • Address: Naif Road, Deira - Behind Karachi Darbar Hotel ,Opp: Hayat Regency - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    Phone:+971 4 273 8787
  • Address: Deira City Centre,Deira - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    Phone:+971 4 254 5013
  • Address: Al Satwa Road,Al Satwa,Opposite Al Satwa Bus Station - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    Phone:+971 4 332 6658
  • Address: Opposite to Astoria Hotel Meena Bazaar Bur Dubai - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    Phone:+971 800 344357
  • Kwakb Al Sama Mobile Phone Shop
    Address: Jumeirah Beach Road - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    Phone:+971 50 599 5089
  • SevDotCom Digital
    Address: G07, Building 1 (Thomson Reuters), Dubai Media City - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    Phone:+971 4 374 8378
  • Ramsis Mobile Phones Trading LLC
    Address: G Floor,Shop # 26,Gargash Center,Al Sabkha Road,Deira - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    Phone:+971 4 224 0300
  • Al Falak Electronics
    Address: Mirdif City Centre,H15,H16, Dubai, United Arab Emirates - PB No: 5303 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    Phone:+971 4 284 0801

List Your Mobile Shop Here

If you have a mobile shop in Dubai or Abu Dhabi and if you would like to list information of your shop here,

it is free

Please send us, full information as name of company or shop, location of shop, phone and fax no, website, logo and some photo of your shop from external and internal view.

So that, We put it here in less than 24 hours.

Please click here to send

iGreen accounting a free full version software for small business

Best Invoice Software

If you are owner of a shop, so that, you asked many times what is the best invoice software for my shop?. The term "Best" could point to many parameter. and also it varies from user to user.
Maybe one user of an accounting software doesn't like other accounting software but second user loves it deeply. so, you should try a trial version of any software that you have plan to buy it.
generally, We can list some of feature that could shows you a better accounting software

Feature of the best invoice software

  • Easy installation without need to special hardware
  • Easy run without any special software as Pre-installed
  • User-friendly environment to help you run it easy
  • Using it without any need to special knowledge of accounting
  • Easy move accounting data to another computer (Backup and Recover)
  • Weekly update to keep you updated
  • Automatic double entry to save your time of entry
  • Automatic inventory control to protect you from out-of-stock !

One of The best invoice software

Peachtree accounting has been used in the most countries as the best invoice software

Example of Invoice software

Print of invoice in one the best accounting software - Peachtree

Print of invoice in one the best accounting software (Peachtree)


Invoice entry form in Peachtree accounting software

Invoice entry form in Peachtree accounting software

Download Invoice Software

To download iGreen accounting software for invoice entry, please click on below link:

Download iGree accounting software, full version for windows 7

Download iGreen accounting software

iGreen Accounting, Free Accounting Software for Small Business

Accounting Software Free Download

It will be nice that we have a free accounting software for using it in small business. but as you know, most of free software have a problem like hidden ads or vir us . however, we at Iticale have designed a real free accounting software, iGreen. You can use it in your personal accounting […]

iGreen accounting software for bookkeeping

Download iGreen accounting for bookkeeping

Bookkeeping includes keep your books of accounts updated. it could be updated daily, weekly or monthly. but the most accounts department need their books be keep updated daily. iGreen accounting with forms as cash receipt, cash payment, Expense entry, invoice, Purchase and journal entry could be used for your bookkeeping. Download Full version You need […]

Iticale invoice software

Invoice Software

Invoice is the last and sweet action in any shop and trading store. more invoice means more profits!. It is needful to track all invoices by an invoice software for warranty items and support customers perfectly. it could bring more customers from satisfied existing customers. Iticale accounting has a modern invoice entry form to record […]


Free Account Software Download Full Version

An account software usually will be used for double journal entry but accounting software will be used for sales and stock management. In an account software, the first and the most important section is chart of accounts. advanced account software will let you to manage chart of accounts of your business very professionally but in […]

iGreen accounting a free full version software for small business

iGreen Accounting Software, Free for Small Business

Small businesses are a large part of any city and a suitable accounting program is need for them. Sometime a free accounting software could be the best if it will be full version and with perfect support. iGreen accounting software could be used for small businesses like shops, web-stores, fast foods, groceries, and more..,. iGreen […]

iGreen Accounting logo

iGreen Accounting Software for Windows 7

iGreen accounting software could be run in all version of windows. Windows 7 is one the most used operating system in the rest of world. Also you can run iGreen accounting in windows 7. Download of this accounting program is free. Current version of iGreen is full version to allow you access all parts of […]

Iticale accounting software's logo

Iticale Accounting Software

A ideal accounting software with online data server or local database, multi currency with new platform. it is the latest financial software product from Iticale programming team. Iticale accounting has been designed by the latest language platform (C# 2015) and with SQL database 2015. You can select location of database on your local server or […]

iGreen Accounting logo

iGreen Accounting, Version

We are working hard to preparing version of iGreen accounting as soon as possible. in this version we have added invoice form for the first time in iGreen accounting. we are thinking to design it as easy as you enter your invoice very fast and easy without need to know accounting techniques. What’s New […]


Accounting Software Free Download Full Version

Free Accounting software for Bookkeeping

There many accounting programs for bookkeeping. the main benefit of a bookkeeping software is your freedom in double entry and adjust chart of accounts as you want. in a real bookkeeping software you can customize it as you want. If you are using a free bookkeeping software for small business, it should not has hidden charges or contains ads.

The term Bookkeeping means keep your books of accounts and vouchers clear and updated, so a software for bookkeeping will help you to do this duty perfectly.

Accounting Software Free Download Full Version - iGreen

List of Bookkeeping Software



Free Personal Accounting Software

Sometimes, transactions of personal finance is more than usual volume. Also it is important for anybody to manage his/her budget for a perfect life style and events.

iGreen for Personal accounting software

A true personal accounting is need if you think to private investments in various fields and to know about your retirement condition.


Double Entry Accounting

Double Entry Accounting

At the first look, it seems single entry is very easy way to record your financial transactions but single entry has many disadvantage. double entry has strong structure and protect you from some basic mistakes in balance sheets so learning and practice double entry principle is recommended to have a perfect double entry accounting for your business.

what is Double Entry Accounting

To understand it, it's enough to pay attention to word "Double". so you will see two columns for each row of voucher. in single entry you need only record amount in on column as name: "Amount" but in double entry you have two columns as names: "Debit" and "Credit".

Double entry accounting in iGreen software

Journal entry form in iGreen Accounting software

Double Entry System

Basically, this type of entry system has been invented by Luca Pacioli but it has been improved by accountants in pass of times. Nowadays we have a modern double entry systems in accounts departments with advanced accounting software so it could generate very useful reports and statements.


What is Double Entry Bookkeeping

When you listen about double entry, it seems that you should waste too much times everyday for recording financial transactions but with modern accounting software, actually you enter a single amount of any voucher and the accounting program will adjust double entry exactly in journal book. by Hand a double entry journal will takes a much time but with accounting software it is very fast and accurate. so why we should know about double entry if accounting software will it for us? It is a hot question !. usually operator and bookkeepers don't need it and it will do by software automatically but auditors need to know about double entry systems to help themselves to find mistakes in non-balanced sheets.

Double Entry Bookkeeping Examples

Here we show you some examples of double entry accounting from a mobile shop:

  • Receive 2200$ from  client: Jack Smith
  • Pay 25$ for Telephone bill of office
  • Buy some food for staffs as amount of 45$
  • Purchase 11 New mobiles, each mobile 260$
  • Sell one mobile of above models for 370$ for cash
  • Sell 5 mobiles of above models for 310$ to Jack Smith

Note: We did these example by iGreen Accounting Software


Receive 2200$ from  client: Jack Smith

Receive 2200$ from  client: Jack Smith

Receive 2200$ from client: Jack Smith

Purchase 11 New mobiles, each mobile 260$

Purchase 11 New mobiles, each mobile 260$

Purchase 11 New mobiles, each mobile 260$

Pay 25$ for Telephone bill of office

Pay 25$ for Telephone bill of office

Pay 25$ for Telephone bill of office

Sell one mobile of above models for 370$ for cash

Sell one mobile of above models for 370$ for cash

Sell one mobile of above models for 370$ for cash



Buy some food for staffs as amount of 45$

Buy some food for staffs as amount of 45$

Buy some food for staffs as amount of 45$

Sell 5 mobiles of above models for 310$ to Jack Smith

Sell 5 mobiles of above models for 310$ to Jack Smith

Sell 5 mobiles of above models for 310$ to Jack Smith


Point of Sale in Restaurant

Restaurant Point of Sale Systems

We are hungry but we love to eat our food in modern restaurant to bring our orders faster and accurately, so it is our consumer rights to have a calm in food times. The first tools in any modern restaurant is Point of Sale to make it more smart and more faster. Waiter will enter your order at table and instantly, cooker will receive your order and get to start a delicious food for you.

Point of Sale in Restaurant

10 Top of Point of Sale in Restaurant

Structure of Restaurant Order System

At a business glance, a restaurant will be made from 3 hubs: 1- Customer (iPad of Menu ) 2- Cooking (Order Monitor ) 3- Reception (Cashier)

A P.O.S software will communicate categorized data between these section

POS Structure in Restaurant

POS Structure in Restaurant

Point of sale for Restaurant

Restaurant Point of Sale Software

It is a weekend and you have plan to have a food in a restaurant, so you think to select a restaurant with perfect services. However a modern type with new tools will be your preferred selection. you would like to have your order in less times and a restaurant with point of sales program as its main software could help you the best.

Restaurant Point of Sale Software

Basic Dimension of Point of Sale


  • Data server of Network
  • Sister application of iPad and Android tablets
  • Easy enter system for on table order entering
  • Main monitor for kitchen and chef table
  • On- standing monitor for reception
  • Live report of reserved table
  • Live report of food raw materiel inventory
  • Easy to update of food prices
  • Easy to teach to new waiters



List of Restaurant P.O.S Software

Squirrel P.O.S Systems

Squirrel POS systems for rest and bar

A full version software of POS by Squirrel to offer a fully integrated pos software plus hardware as your one-stop POS station in restaurant and bars

To get this software you should call: 1.800.388.6824

or Visit :

Accupos Restaurant POS

Accupos software company tells a Point of Sale system should be fast, without any bugs that’s why they built a P.O.S  simple for Restaurant.

Also this software has integration with Quickbooks accounting too.

More info :

Ezee Burrp Software

Ezee Burrp POS for restaurant

Ezee Burrp POS

The Best Accounting Software

Best Accounting Software for Small Business

In the modern world, Any business should has minimum speed in its financial department to analyze its financial transactions, generates statement reports, balance sheet and profit & loss statement for internal users like management and external users like shareholders and banks. All shareholders of small business need best accounting software to have a clear statements and status of the company that they interested in. To recognize a best software for accounting, there are too many factors to pay attention to.

Best accounting software and hardware for small business

What are parameters for the Best Accounting

When we say "The best", it could be the best of any parameter in a software, but to select an accounting software to use it for small business, the Best parameters are:

  • Great user-friendly design
  • Modern and simple interface, so any beginning user could use it with minimum help
  • The most automatic module of double entry to reduce complicated accounting tasks over user
  • No limitation or minimum limitation in accounts and items form to giving a freedom up-to unlimited
  • The most clear and easy to understand reports
  • As more software updates per mount, it will be better
  • Easy to updating with minimum clicks
  • Compatible in all operating system, I.O.S, android
  • Easy synchronization to a web server

The Best Accounting Software in US

In United state of America, Quickbooks is the famous accounting software for small to large business as shops, stores, hypermarkets, and large organizations. but it is a public accounting software and for special business with more than one dimension in invoices, you could use ready-made software or order a custom-made for your business to software company. Please remember that purchase a ready-made software will be better because it had passed its bugs after using of some old users but in new software you will face many bugs and it is a usual rules in programming

The most wanted Software for Small business in Canada

Canada has interesting market. In this country people only trust a software for their business when they get a recommend by friend to friend network or positive reviews in social networks. Usually Peachtree and DAC easy are the most used programs in Canada.

Some of Free Online Accounting software in Canada

  • Budgeto, an accounting software with focus on user-friendly and graphical design for budget management
  • Kiwili, a project management software for small business and self-employed
  • Wave, an online payroll software with weekly updates to keep you more satisfied
  • Zipbooks, a free online application for accounting and bookkeeping operations

Ideal Programs for Small Business in India

Tally is one of the most used accounting applications in India and almost every accountant in India knows how to works with this software. if you want to find a job as CPA there then they will take a test of your ability on Tally accounting. In this software you will see a nice user friendly environment and easy to understand reports.

Before any purchase of accounting software for your shops or trading company, we recommend you to try a demo version of it to see how it will issue vouchers, invoice and receipts and how will be structure of reports. It is very important that external and internal users could use the reports of your accounting department with less description. Internal users like mangers need different reports but external reports need statements of their accounts.

Download The Best Accounting Software

Now, You can download one of these accounting software for your small business

Cash Payment

Cash Book Entries – Cash Payment in iGreen Accounting

When you pay any amount to your vendors or clients then this amount will be reduced from your cash account. cash flow of this type of transaction is important because you should control cash out from your business. However cash book entry of cash payment in bookkeeping is very important for auditing. here we will […]

Cash Receipt

Cash Book Entries – Cash Receipt in iGreen Accounting

Cash flow is the most important transaction in any accounting and has two sections of receipt and payment. However cash book entry in bookkeeping is very important for reports. here we will show you how to do it in iGreen accounting software. Cash Book Entry, Cash Receipt When you receive any amount of cash from your […]

iGreen Accounting Package

Practice Double-Entry Bookkeeping

Accounting is not only theory, it includes practice too, however you should doing real practice in some financial departments and learn from professional accountants how to enter and record invoices and payments in journal books to understand accounting deeply.

At the first of all, doing practice Double-Entry bookkeeping is the heart of accounting learning to be a talent accountant.
You can do it on paper or by computers but as you know nowadays, most companies use PC or Mac computers to doing their financial accounting so we recommend you to start this practice by accounting software.
There are many accounting software available on sites to download for this purpose but some of them have hidden charges or are limited to a maximum quantity of vouchers after this limitation you should pay to get full version.
Here, we suggest you iGreen accounting software for Double-Entry practice. This software are really free without any limitation or hidden charges .

Main screen of iGreen accounting software

Main screen of iGreen accounting software



Start of Practice Double-Entry Bookkeeping

1. Download iGreen accounting software by click here
2. Install it on your PC or laptop (note : this accounting software only will be installed on windows operating systems )
3. Create the first company in iGreen accounting ( help of how to create company in iGreen)
4. Please, in iGreen home screen click on chart of accounts to add your ledger accounts
( about types of accounts ) (how to add accounts in iGreen )
5. Run Journal entry form from home screen of iGreen accounting

Journal Entry form in iGreen Accounting

Journal Entry form in iGreen Accounting


shop accounting software

Shop Accounting Software

Shops and stores with retails or whole sales trading are the basic business in any city so a shop accounting program is need as computer software to manage his business cash flow and control the profit and loss of it. There are many types of accounting program for shops but you should try a demo version of it before purchase full version to satisfy your mind and keep your calm. Be aware some of computer software are cheap but they bring a world of bugs to your times.

Actually you could not imagine even a shop without an accounting program in the modern cities.


Parameters for shops accounting program

Shop accounting software by Iticale

  • Image of item condition in time of invoicing (very useful for refurbished items and second hand goods)
  • Sales invoicing with barcode devices
  • Warranty trace
  • Network between stations of shops
  • Network between branches of business
  • Online backup of data on cloud servers
  • Restore financial data any where , anytime
  • Enter serial no of items and goods on invoices
  • Easy installation
  • Installments sales to selected customers
  • Trace best salesperson to grow business of shop
  • User friendly reports as income statements, profit & loss, cash flow


We designed a software with more options as above to care of your business. you can access your accounting main software on windows and mac and you can access your urgent financial reports, inventory adjustment, bar code entry by mobile application like android, iPhone and windows phone if you select your server on online server. Also you have an option to select server of your data in local PC, domestic server of foreign server related to speed of your internet.

P.O.S of Shop Automation

Shop accounting software on POS hardware

You can buy a P.O.S hardware (Point of Sales) or we can offer it to you with the lowest price and the best configuration and speed.

If you would like to buy yourself, please keep it in mind minimum configuration as below:

HDD: 100 GB, Ram 2 GB, CPU Pentium 1.5 GHz to up


For any inquiry, Please mention your business background, type of items and services be sold in your shop, contact details in below form for inquiry.

Do you have a software for shop management ?

It has no hidden charges! ,  Do you have software special for shop?, here is for you.

Please fill up this form and send your information to us, then We will show you to potential customers here 

Please fill this form

Message via

Screenshots of Iticale Accounting Software

These screenshots has been taken in windows 7 from Iticale accounting software. Screenshots of Home Screen This is screenshots of First screen that you will see when you run Iticale accounting software in windows 7. (Also you can run this accounting software in any version of windows that you would like). In this screen you […]

Iticale accounting software's logo

Mobile shop Accounting Software in Dubai

If you have a business or shop in Dubai on mobile, smartphone and tablet trading then you can use Iticale accounting software. This software has been designed for recording business transactions of money and stocks with multi currency vouchers. What Iticale accounting software can do Sim card number invoice Invoice of mobile sales with IMEI […]

Accounting software

How to Select an Accounting Application

Accounting Applications parameters Every accounting software or accounting application includes commonly feature as below: Programming platform: Visual C++, Borland C++, Delphi, VB, C#, Python, .. Database type: Paradox, SQL server, SCE, MS Access, DBF, Firebird Data location:  Local  or Online First of all you should check your business status, country of business location, volume of […]


Images of items in Accounting Software

Images of Items is very useful for issue invoice to avoid mistake on common items and products and for warranty of sold items. This is very important in some cities in the world like Dubai because warranty is the most condition for trading and business. For trading companies in Dubai if you have image of […]