Platforms of Applications

There are many programming languages, platforms, and data servers for software developers to producing applications. each platforms and data servers has its unique benefits but we should select true types of them to reach the best results of speeds and security in the end user design of application. data server is very important for financial software like accounting software, CRM, ERP and banks applications.

Here we tried to describe all the most used platforms and data servers to help you select the best for your programming projects.

  • Data Server type

    • Available data servers are SQL Server, Paradox, IBX, DB base, MS Access, Oracle, Informix, Spreadsheet, Text files, Dat files and more.
      Types of data servers for accounting software
      Types of data Servers
      • Oracle is the most powerful data server and it is very expensive. so that commonly big organization, governments and military department only use it.
      • SQL Server is one of the most used data server in the world for network accounting systems and almost any software programmer knows it. Microsoft is the main company that producing this data ever
      • Paradox is old data base of Delphi from Borland. but it is an out of time database and no body uses it nowadays
      • IBX is new data server from Borland for Embarcadero platform and it is not common data server for data software yet
      • DB base is common data-server for small size accounting software and shop accounting software. it doesn’t need a powerful server, so that it will cost no extra for a developer
      • Ms Access is used by new students in universities. very easy to learning and working. but it is not safe and secure for a real accounting software.
      • Informix is out of service and not good on any project
      • Spreadsheet are used by Excel platform and it is very familiar for reception stuffs. but excel doesn’t support modern search and combined search as SQL server and its data is not secured and locked like SQL server
  • Platforms

    • Visual Studio
      • Most of accounting software in middle-east and GCC countries like Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Qatar are designed with this platform. Peachtree accounting has been designed by Visual C++
    • Borland
      • Most of business software in Germany and some European counties will be designed with Borland. It is good to know that Window operating systems have been designed by C++ of Borland. Quickbooks accounting has been designed by Borland platform.
    • C++
      • There are small quantity of accounting software with this platform because it is very hard and systematic. Usually antivirus and super system program will be designed by C++
    • Pyton
      • It is a nice platform for online accounting portal but hard to learning
    • PHP
      • The famous platform and programming language for online accounting portal and blog systems
  • Business Structures

    • Retails Stores
      • This type of accounting is suitable only for small shops with retails daily sales
    • ERP
      • It means Enterprise resource planning and it suitable for an organization to manage the business and automate back office functions of IT, services and HR sections.
    • CRM
      • CRM means customers relation management and it will addresses to departments that want a software for customers management and support warranty cards and follow up customers orders
    • MIS
      • It means Management Information System and it includes all types of application for all departments of a company in an integrated network

Types of accounting software in operations

  • Server location

    • File Server
      • All database files are on your local PC or laptop without network features. EZI accounting software is one these types of software. Peachtree also support local server very easy and it is one most used software in Dubai and GCC countries. This type of server has no security and anybody access files, can open financial data easily
    • Local Server
      • All data are in secured MDF files and only SQL server can open it by a secured password. Peachtree, Quikcbooks and iGreen supports this types of server. Peachtree is used widely in Dubai and GCC and Quickbooks is used in US and Canada.
    • Online Server
      • All your data file only will be store on an online server. so that you can access your accounting data any where in the world by internet connection. iGreen accounting support this type of server very good and easy.
    • Cloud Server
      • Both application files and data files are on online server and actually you will access your accounting software by a special remote terminal. Quickbooks accounting has a perfect cloud version nowadays
  • Report Types

    • Crystal Reports
    • Fast Reports
    • Spreadsheets
    • Text Reports
  • Price of software

    • 0 to 200 USD
      • iGreen accounting and EZI solution
    • 200 to 1000 USD
      • Peachtree accounting in Dubai, Tally accounting in India
    • 1000 to 5000 USD
      • Quickbooks in US and Canada for medium businesses
    • More than 5000 USD
      • Military and special business software for big companies like eBay, Amazon, and ….

Useful Links

Creating a Company File

A company file is where you store your company’s financial records in QuickBooks, so it’s the first thing you need to work on in the program. You can create a company file from scratch or convert records that you previously
kept in a different small-business accounting program, Quicken, or even another edition of QuickBooks like QuickBooks for Mac.
If you’re new to bookkeeping, another approach is to use a file that someone else created. For example, if you’ve worked with an accountant to set up your company, she might provide you with a QuickBooks company file already configured for your business so you can hit the ground running.
This chapter starts by explaining how to launch your copy of QuickBooks. Then, if you need to create your company file yourself, you’ll learn how to use the QuickBooks Setup dialog box or the Easy Step Interview to get started (and find out which other chapters explain how to finish the job). If you’re converting your records from another
program, this chapter provides some hints for making the transition as smooth as possible. Finally, you’ll learn how to open a company file, update one to a new version of QuickBooks, and modify basic company information.

Choosing a Start Date

To keep your entire financial history at your fingertips, you need to put every transaction and speck of financial information in your QuickBooks company file. But you have better things to do than enter years’ worth of checks, invoices, and deposits, so the comprehensive approach is practical only if you just recently started your company.
The more realistic approach is to enter your financial data into QuickBooks starting as of a specific date and, from then on, add all new transactions to QuickBooks.
The date you choose is called the start date. (The start date isn’t something that you enter in a field in QuickBooks; it’s simply the earliest transaction date in your company file.) You should choose it carefully. Here are your start date options and the ramifications of each one:

• The last day of the previous fiscal year. The best choice is to fill in your records for the entire current fiscal year. To do that, use the last day of your company’s previous fiscal year as the company file’s start date. That way, the account balances on your start date are like the ending balances on a bank statement, and you’re ready to start bookkeeping fresh on the first day of the fiscal year. Yes, you have to enter checks, credit card charges, invoices, payments, and other transactions that have happened since the beginning of your fiscal year, but that won’t take as much time as you think. And you’ll regain those hours when tax time rolls around, as you nimbly generate the reports you need to complete your tax returns. If more than half of your fiscal year has already passed, the best approach is to be patient and postpone your QuickBooks setup until the next fiscal year. (Intuit releases new versions of QuickBooks in October or November each year for just that reason.) But waiting isn’t always feasible. In cases like that, go with the next option in this list.

Account Balances and Transactions

Unless you begin using QuickBooks when you start your business, to get things rolling, you need to know your account balances as of your selected start date. For example, if your checking account has $342 at the end of the year, that value goes into QuickBooks during setup. You also need every transaction that’s happened since
the start date you chose—expenses you’ve incurred, sales you’ve made, payroll and tax transactions, and so on—to establish your asset, liability, equity, income, and expense accounts. So dig that information out of your existing accounting system (or shoebox). (If you don’t want to record individual transactions.
Here are the balances and transactions you need and where you can find them in your records:

  • Cash balances
    • For each bank account you use in your business (checking, savings, money market, and so on), find the bank statements with statement dates as close to—but earlier than—the start date of your QuickBooks company file. Hop onto your bank’s website to identify the transactions that haven’t yet cleared; you’ll need them to enter transactions, unless you download transactions from your bank. If you have petty cash lying around, count it and use that number to set up your petty cash account.
  • Customer balances
    • If customers owe you money, pull the paper copy of every unpaid invoice or statement out of your filing cabinet (or find the electronic versions you saved on your computer) so you can give QuickBooks what it needs to calculate your Accounts Receivable balance. If you didn’t keep copies, you can ask your customers for copies of the invoices they haven’t paid or simply create invoices in QuickBooks to match the payments you receive.
  • Vendor balances
    • If your company thinks handing out cash before you have to is more painful than data entry, then find the bills you haven’t yet paid and get ready to enter them in QuickBooks so you can generate your Accounts Payable balance. (Or, to reduce the number of transactions you have to enter, simply pay those outstanding bills and then record the bill payments in QuickBooks.)
  • Asset values
    • When you own assets such as buildings or equipment, their value depreciates over time. If you included a balance sheet with the tax return you filed for your company, you can find asset values and accumulated depreciation on your most recent tax return (yet another reason to start using QuickBooks at the beginning of your fiscal year). If you haven’t filed a tax return for your company yet, an asset’s value is typically the price you paid for it.
  • Liability balances
    • Find the current balances you owe on any business loans or mortgages.
  • Inventory
    • If you stock products that you sell and track them as inventory, you need to know how many items you had in stock as of the start date, how much you paid for them, and what you expect to sell them for
  • Payroll
    • Payroll services are a great value for the money, which you’ll grow to appreciate as you collect the info you need for payroll (including salaries and wages, tax deductions, benefits, pensions, 401(k) deductions, and other stray payroll deductions you might have). You also need to know who receives with holdings, such as tax agencies or the company handling your 401(k) plan. Oh, yeah—and you also need payroll details for each employee.


Back to QuickBooks 2015 

What’s New in QuickBooks 2015

Despite the fluctuating size of the tax code, accounting and bookkeeping practices don’t change much each year. The changes in QuickBooks 2015 are mostly small tweaks and subtle improvements, but some of them might be just what you’ve been waiting for:

Insights tab in the Home window

In previous versions of QuickBooks, the Home window contained, well, the Home Page, which shows bookkeeping workflow and helps you access the QuickBooks features you use most often. In
QuickBooks 2015, the Home window has two tabs at its top left. As you might expect, the Home Page tab displays the Home Page you’re familiar with. When you click the new Insights tab (page 44), you see a dashboard that highlights your company’s financial status and activity. Initially, the tab’s top panel displays a colorful Profit & Loss graph: green bars represent your monthly income, blue bars indicate your monthly expenses, and a black line graphs your profit by month. But that’s not all! You can click the arrows on either side of this panel to view other high-level graphs, such as a comparison between the current year and the previous year, top customers by sales, and trends in income and expenses.

Insight Tab in Quickbooks 2015
Insight Tab

The bottom half of the Insights tab displays more details about your income and expenses. On the left, the Income section is like a mini Income Tracker (described next, and covered in detail on page 338); it lets you quickly scan totals for unpaid invoices, overdue invoices, and customer payments received
in the past 30 days. And the Expenses list and pie chart on the right help you identify where you spend the most money.

Income Tracker

Income Tracker (page 338) boasts a couple of helpful
enhancements. In addition to colored boxes for estimates, open invoices (that is, invoiced income that isn’t due yet), overdue invoices, and recent customer payments, Income Tracker now also displays a box for unbilled time and expenses.

Income tracker in Quickbooks 2015
Income tracker

In QuickBooks 2015, you can specify the unbilled categories you want to see by clicking the Settings icon at the window’s top right (it looks like a gear), and then clicking the checkboxes to turn unbilled categories on or off.

Reminders window

The Reminders window (page 483) has a new look. On the left side of the window, you now see to-dos and transactions that are due as of today, so you know what’s on deck for your workday. The list on
the window’s right shows to-dos and transactions that are coming up soon.

Reminders window in Quickbooks 2015
Reminders window

If a category is collapsed, click the flippy triangle next to its heading to show each reminder in that section. To collapse a category, click the flippy triangle to hide its individual reminders.

Pinned notes

QuickBooks’ various centers have a new twist: You can now select a note associated with a vendor, customer, or employee and “pin” it so it appears at the center’s top right when you select that name in the center’s name list (page 481). For example, say you create a note about an issue a customer has with an order.

Pined notes in Quickbooks 2015
Pined notes

You can pin that note in the Customer Center so that, whenever you select that customer in the Customer Center, the note is easy to spot

New report formatting

QuickBooks’ reports sport new formatting that makes them much easier to read (page 583). The rows for top-level categories are shaded gray, lower-level category rows are shaded beige, and rows with totals
are shaded light gray.

Updated online payments

If you install QuickBooks 2015 when it’s first released (this version of the program is called R1 and usually comes out in September), you won’t see online payment links and settings. Big changes for online payments were still in the works when this book was written.

Back to Quickbooks 2015

Manage Currencies

Multi currency is one of top feature in iGreen accounting. so that, you can record and issue sales invoices and any voucher of cash transactions in any currency that you want.

To look at list of currencies in iGreen accounting, in home screen, in right, bottom of screen, please click on update currency.

so that, you will see a form as below as title: Currency Adjust System

As you see, you can get list of currencies by synchronize to our currency web service or you can add any currency manually to this form.

Any currency that added to this list, it could be used in invoices, vouchers and any double entry vouchers and in reports.

Currency list in iGreen accounting

Add New currency

To add a new currency to this list, in yellow box, enter symbol of currency, name of it and its equal rate to home currency.

for Example: if you want to add EUR (Euro currency),  as you see in above photo, you should enter rate of 1 euro to 1 dollar : it is 1.12  (it means 1 Euro equals to 1.12 US Dollar)


Euro added in currency list in iGreen accounting

Expense Entry Software for Dubai

In any business, Gross income is the main statement for taxation but to know net income, you need to reduce expenses from it, with a perfect expense entry software you can reach net income easily.

There are many software in Dubai markets and you can use them for journal entry of expenses. here we will show you how to use iGreen accounting for expense entry with the easiest way without need to separate journal entry of it (iGreen will post standard journal of expense entry automatically)

How to do expense entry in iGreen

Step 1: Download iGreen accounting software from its link provided in the end of this page and install it

Step 2: in home screen of iGreen, you will see a button as name “Expense Entry”

Expense entry, Step 1 in iGreen
Expense Entry menu

Step 3: Click on “Expense entry” button and you will see expense entry form as below:

Expense Entry Form in iGreen
Expense Entry form

Sample of Expense entry in iGreen

Sample of expense entry in iGreen
Sample of expense entry

Above photo is a sample entry of Cleaning expense as amount of USD 460.

Note: As you see you can change default credit account for this expense voucher and also you can change currency of this voucher easily by click on currency list in above of form


Download iGreen Accounting Software version

You can iGreen accounting software version as expense entry software for your business in Dubai.

Free accounting consultation in Dubai

There many business owners in Dubai that they need an honest guides to know how to order software and automate their business accounts department. so that, a free consultation of accounting in Dubai, could be a advantage for you to know what you need really for your accounts department.

Without a true consultation maybe there are many hidden charges along buying more than one software but without real usage and again re-use paper system for accounting.

Free Consultation

we have free consultation services to analyze and map your business into a routine of accounting software.

Before any purchase or order any accounting software, you can use our free consultation about accounting.

Steps of order a custom accounting software

  1. Our salesperson will talk to you about your business, he will check your financial transactions on papers and so that, he will adjust list of modules you need to enter your vouchers to get the best statements and reports.
  2. Our salesperson will calculate price of custom software and after agreement with you and your down payment, in one week, we will prepare a special version of iGreen accounting compatible with your business.
  3. It will be installed by our salesperson  or we will send its download link (if you have anybody to install the software)
  4. We will be beside you to help and guide you for recording your vouchers and invoices and we will check frequently your suggestion to optimize iGreen accounting as the best as you want.

Updates of software

We also adjust yearly main updates for iGreen accounting to suport you keep your business accounting’s modules updates regard accounting standard of economic department of United Arab Emirates’ government

To get started and get a free consultation, please click here to send a request to us

We will arrange a suitable time for you to have meeting with our salesperson in your office or company.

Note: Our consultation of accounting is free for Dubai location only. other location will be start with online meeting at the first and next meeting will arrange in Dubai by invite you.

Accounting Software Images

Screenshots and images of accounting software could help you to select an accounting software for your accounts department. With looking at images, you don't need to waste your time for installation of accounting software one by one. You can quickly look at screenshots of any accounting software to see what it offers you.

It is important to check what types of vouchers and invoices, you want to have in an accounting software. some of accounting programs are strong in manufacturing department but some of them are strong in shopping accounting. so that, it is not true if an accounting software is strong in another field could be strong in your accounts department.

Images of Quickbooks Accounting Software

Quickbooks accounting has been used widely in United state of America. it is a software product of Intuit software company.

Chart of Accounts in Quickbooks accounting
Quickbooks - Chart of Accounts
Customer payments in Quickbooks Accounting
Customer payments
Main screen of Quickbooks
Main screen of Quickbooks
Sales Invoice in Quickbooks
Invoice in Quickbooks

Images of Peachtree Accounting Software

Invoice entry form in Peachtree accounting software
Invoice entry form in Peachtree accounting software
Print of invoice in one the best accounting software - Peachtree
Print of invoice in one the best accounting software (Peachtree)
Peachtree accounting software - Main Screen
Main screen of Peachtree
Chart of Accounts in Peachtree accounting
Peachtree accounting - Chart of Accounts

Images of iGreen Accounting Software

The most important benefits of iGreen accounting are:

  • A real free accounting software
  • Unlimited levels in Chart of accounts
  • Tree-veiw chart of accounts
  • Tree-view list of items and goods
  • Unlimited photo of products
  • Multi-Currency

Inventory form in iGreen accounting software
Inventory form in iGreen accounting
iGreen Accounting Software V1.1.0.1
Main Screen
iGreen's chart of accounts
iGreen's chart of accounts
Journal Entry in version of iGreen
Journal Entry in version of iGreen accounting
Example of Cash payment in iGreen
Example of Cash payment in iGreen
Report of client cash payment in iGreen
Report of client cash payment in iGreen
Cash Receipt form in iGreen Accounting
Cash Receipt form in iGreen Accounting

New Images

All images of these accounting software have been taken from real accounting software


Mobile shops are popular stores in Dubai. You can find the latest mobile and phone models in Dubai very easy.

if you walk in Nasser square (Baniyas square), you will see many cell phone stores & shops that sell mobile phones. If you need to repair your smartphone mobile, one of the best place to find many mobile repair centers, is 2nd and 3rd floors of Gargash center. location of Gargash mobile market is in Deira, first of Murshid bazaar.

Very important: When you buy a new mobile or smartphone, ask for a stamped invoice from salesperson and keep this invoice in box of mobile. Any time in duration of warranty, your mobile get problem, repair center will ask for original invoice then they will repair your mobile for free based on warranty conditions.

Zamani Phones in Deira

Amiri mobile shop #2 in Dubai

Amiri mobile shop #2

Manasi mobile shop in Dubai

Manasi mobile shop

Mix barts  mobile shop in Dubai

Mix barts mobile shop

WINNERS shop in Dubai


Amiri mobile shop

Gold star shop in Dubai

Gold star mobile shop

Taer Al Shamsi mobile shop in Dubai

Taer Al Shamsi shop

Tariq Al Hidaya shop in Dubai

Tariq Al Hidaya shop

Apple mobile in Dubai
Apple mobile shop - official agent in Dubai
Axiom cell phone store
Axiom cell phone store in Mall of Emirates
BlackBerry mobile store in Dubai
BlackBerry mobile store in Dubai mall
Fono mobile shop in Mall of Emirates in Dubai
Fono mobile shop in Mall of Emirates in Dubai

List of mobile shops in Dubai

Mall of Emirates

  • Apple 
    Address:Mall of the Emirates, Al Barsha 1, Dubai
    Toll-free: 800 04441819
  • Jumbo 
  • Address: Dubai Silicon Oasis - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    Phone:+971 4 342 3704

Dubai Mall

  • Blackberry shop
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  • Technocare Phone Repair

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  • Al Falak Electronics
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Add your Dubai mobile shop in this page

If you have a mobile store in Dubai and you would like to list information of your shop here, it is free

Please send us, full information as name of company or shop, location of shop, phone and fax no, website, logo and some photo of your shop from external and internal view. So that, We put it here in less than 24 hours.

Please click here to send

Best Invoice Software

If you are owner of a shop, so that, you asked many times what is the best invoice software for my shop?. The term "Best" could point to many parameter. and also it varies from user to user.
Maybe one user of an accounting software doesn't like other accounting software but second user loves it deeply. so, you should try a trial version of any software that you have plan to buy it.
generally, We can list some of feature that could shows you a better accounting software

Feature of the best invoice software

  • Easy installation without need to special hardware
  • Easy run without any special software as Pre-installed
  • User-friendly environment to help you run it easy
  • Using it without any need to special knowledge of accounting
  • Easy move accounting data to another computer (Backup and Recover)
  • Weekly update to keep you updated
  • Automatic double entry to save your time of entry
  • Automatic inventory control to protect you from out-of-stock !

One of The best invoice software

Peachtree accounting has been used in the most countries as the best invoice software

Example of Invoice software

Print of invoice in one the best accounting software - Peachtree
Print of invoice in one the best accounting software (Peachtree)


Invoice entry form in Peachtree accounting software

Invoice entry form in Peachtree accounting software

Download Invoice Software

To download iGreen accounting software for invoice entry, please click on below link:

Download iGree accounting software, full version for windows 7
Download iGreen accounting software

Accounting Software Free Download

It will be nice that we have a free accounting software for using it in small business. but as you know, most of free software have a problem like hidden ads or vir us . however, we at Iticale have designed a real free accounting software, iGreen.

iGreen accounting software free download

You can use it in your personal accounting or small business without any hidden charges and ads.

Free Download of iGreen Accounting

You need an account software with free download now!, iGreen accounting is free. To download iGreen accounting, please click on below link:

Download iGree accounting software, full version for windows 7

Download iGreen accounting for bookkeeping

Bookkeeping includes keep your books of accounts updated. it could be updated daily, weekly or monthly. but the most accounts department need their books be keep updated daily.

iGreen accounting with forms as cash receipt, cash payment, Expense entry, invoice, Purchase and journal entry could be used for your bookkeeping.

Download Full version

You need a free account software now!, iGreen is free. To download iGreen accounting, please click on below link:

Download iGree accounting software, full version for windows 7

Invoice Software

Invoice is the last and sweet action in any shop and trading store. more invoice means more profits!. It is needful to track all invoices by an invoice software for warranty items and support customers perfectly. it could bring more customers from satisfied existing customers.

Iticale accounting has a modern invoice entry form to record your sales invoice. Please have a look at below photo:

Invoice entry form of Iticale invoice software
Invoice entry form of Iticale invoice software

As you see in invoice form of Iticale, there many accounting features like multi currency, sales person, store number, …

Also you can find a POS ID to select which bank account will receive money via P.O.S payment of customer.

When you select a salesperson, so that he/she will receive the sales commission as you adjusted for his/her accounts in form of sales persons.

Important Note: you don’t need to worry about selected currency, if you would like to see any invoice in another currency, Iticale will calculate it to another currency and will show you instantly. (Currency rate will get from online portal of bank or you can adjust it easily in currency form)

Items and inventory

There is an advanced form in iticale invoice software to adjust inventory of items and goods in stock and warehouse.

Inventory lists in Iticale invoice software
Inventory list in Iticale invoice software

In this inventory form, you can add unlimited photo of items and also you can zoom in and zoom out on its photo.

We put the most important parameters for an items as: Description, Model, Brand, Code, Barcode, Part no, Color, Country, TRA no.


Please click here for more information about iGreen accounting software and download

Free Account Software Download Full Version

An account software usually will be used for double journal entry but accounting software will be used for sales and stock management.

In an account software, the first and the most important section is chart of accounts. advanced account software will let you to manage chart of accounts of your business very professionally but in a simple accounting software you only will see a simple list of accounts in chart of account form.

Here is a comparison of chart of accounts between Quickbooks, Peachtree and iGreen accounting

Chart of Accounts in iGreen accounting
iGreen accounting


Chart of Accounts in Peachtree accounting
Peachtree accounting – Chart of Accounts



Chart of Accounts in Quickbooks accounting
Quickbooks – Chart of Accounts


As you see in Quickbooks 2015 and Peachtree accounting, you will see a simple list of accounts and maximum 2 two levels of accounts is available but in iGreen accounting will see a tree-view of accounts and also you can add unlimited levels of accounts as you want.

Download Full version

You need a free account software now!, iGreen is free. To download iGreen accounting, please click on below link:

Download iGree accounting software, full version for windows 7
Download iGreen accounting software


Small businesses are a large part of any modern city and a suitable accounting program is need for them. Sometime a free accounting software could be the best, if it will be full version and with perfect support, but accounting software' technical support is more important than its price. a free and full version accounting software is delicious but when you need to change an internal mistakes or find a lost voucher or any unusual requests then it will costs much amounts for you to hire an accountant.  

Let us show you an example here:

United Arab Emirates is one the modern countries with huge volume of daily businesses and financial transactions, so that when you have a small business or a shop in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain or RAK, you have no time to waste of and bugs and problems of accounting software on PC or laptops inside your shops and accounts departments. When you installed a free accounting software then nobody accepts warranty and technical supports of accounting application that you are using. 

If you get any mistakes or invalid reports from your business accounting, there is no other way except to hire an accountant to solve it for you and it has minimum AED 5000 to AED 15000 to pay for accountant contract.

Perfect support on full version accounting software

Free Accounting VS Paid Accounting

This is one of the the most asked question for everybody that why some accounting software is free and some other are not free.

Actually nothings is free

When you are using a free accounting software, it has some limitation in it and after passing times and after entering some invoices, bills and vouchers, it will shows you its limitations. then if you want to continue you show pay for it.

For example, you are using a free software and entering invoices. everything are perfect and you are in calm mind but when you decided to print an invoice, you will see a water mark of programmer name in across of invoice length. so you send a message to programmer email and he asked you to pay its fee to remove it. That's all

iGreen Accounting Software for Windows 7

Accounting software for pc with windows operating in USA, UK and other countries

Windows operating system has been used in the most cities of United state of America, Canada, and United Kingdom of Britannia. Compatible software for accounting departments is one of the most wanted software for windows operating system.

Accounting software for windows

iGreen accounting software could be run in all version of windows. Windows 7 and windows 10 are the most used operating systems in the rest of world. Also you can run iGreen accounting in windows 8. Download of this accounting program is free. Version 2.4 of iGreen is full version to allow you access all parts of it without any limitation.

Download free accounting software for window
iGreen accounting

You don’t need any software as Pre-requirement or platform for install this accounting in windows. It is only enough to do downloading the installation file and run it, then click on Next button and after one minute, it is ready to use.

Version 2.4 of iGreen accounting is advanced version of this accounting software that you can convert currency of recorded invoices from basic currency to selected currency with a one click.

Download Full Version

Full version of iGreen accounting software is a multi currencies application that includes:

  • Invoice
  • Purchase
  • Cash vouchers
  • Journal double entry
  • Reports of Inventory, sales profits, accounts statement, cash flow

To download iGreen accounting software, please click on below link:

Download iGree accounting software, full version for windows 7
Download iGreen accounting software

Iticale Accounting Software

A ideal accounting software with online data server or local database, multi currency with new platform. it is the latest financial software product from Iticale programming team.

Iticale accounting has been designed by the latest language platform (C# 2015) and with SQL database 2015. You can select location of database on your local server or on a outdoor server or even on other foreign server. if you have ip address, user id and password of your database server, so that you can adjust it in Iticale accounting software easily.

Iticale accounting software, main screen
Main screen of Iticale accounting software

Software ID

  • Name: Iticale Accounting
  • Price: Free  (Freeware)
  • Category: Accounting
  • Publisher: Iticale Software
  • Official URL:
  • Operating system: Windows  (All Versions of Windows)
  • Date published: 10/13/2016
  • Software Version: 2.1

Features of Accounting

  • Multi currency
  • Multi photo for items accounts
  • Unlimited levels in chart of accounts
  • Online updating of currency rates
  • Real network of data
  • Tree-view of items and chart of accounts
  • Export any report to PDF, Excel, and MS office word
  • Live convert currency of report to another currency
  • Change rate of any currency by hand

We are working on this software daily and you will find weekly update of it. your feedback and suggestions will be like gold for us, so that every line of your comments will be read and will consider.

To read more please click here to have a look at Screenshots of Iticale accounting


iGreen Accounting, Version

We are working hard to preparing version of iGreen accounting as soon as possible. in this version we have added invoice form for the first time in iGreen accounting. we are thinking to design it as easy as you enter your invoice very fast and easy without need to know accounting techniques.

Download iGreen Accounting Software

What’s New in Version

  • Items Form
  • Sales Invoice
  • Purchase Form
  • Inventory Report
Inventory form in iGreen accounting software
Inventory form in iGreen accounting

Double Entry Accounting

At the first look, it seems single entry is very easy way to record your financial transactions but single entry has many disadvantage. double entry has strong structure and protect you from some basic mistakes in balance sheets so learning and practice double entry principle is recommended to have a perfect double entry accounting for your business.

what is Double Entry Accounting

To understand it, it's enough to pay attention to word "Double". so you will see two columns for each row of voucher. in single entry you need only record amount in on column as name: "Amount" but in double entry you have two columns as names: "Debit" and "Credit".

Double entry accounting in iGreen software
Journal entry form in iGreen Accounting software

Double Entry System

Basically, this type of entry system has been invented by Luca Pacioli but it has been improved by accountants in pass of times. Nowadays we have a modern double entry systems in accounts departments with advanced accounting software so it could generate very useful reports and statements.


What is Double Entry Bookkeeping

When you listen about double entry, it seems that you should waste too much times everyday for recording financial transactions but with modern accounting software, actually you enter a single amount of any voucher and the accounting program will adjust double entry exactly in journal book. by Hand a double entry journal will takes a much time but with accounting software it is very fast and accurate. so why we should know about double entry if accounting software will it for us? It is a hot question !. usually operator and bookkeepers don't need it and it will do by software automatically but auditors need to know about double entry systems to help themselves to find mistakes in non-balanced sheets.

Double Entry Bookkeeping Examples

Here we show you some examples of double entry accounting from a mobile shop:

  • Receive 2200$ from  client: Jack Smith
  • Pay 25$ for Telephone bill of office
  • Buy some food for staffs as amount of 45$
  • Purchase 11 New mobiles, each mobile 260$
  • Sell one mobile of above models for 370$ for cash
  • Sell 5 mobiles of above models for 310$ to Jack Smith

Note: We did these example by iGreen Accounting Software


Receive 2200$ from  client: Jack Smith

Receive 2200$ from  client: Jack Smith
Receive 2200$ from client: Jack Smith

Purchase 11 New mobiles, each mobile 260$

Purchase 11 New mobiles, each mobile 260$
Purchase 11 New mobiles, each mobile 260$

Pay 25$ for Telephone bill of office

Pay 25$ for Telephone bill of office
Pay 25$ for Telephone bill of office

Sell one mobile of above models for 370$ for cash

Sell one mobile of above models for 370$ for cash
Sell one mobile of above models for 370$ for cash



Buy some food for staffs as amount of 45$

Buy some food for staffs as amount of 45$
Buy some food for staffs as amount of 45$

Sell 5 mobiles of above models for 310$ to Jack Smith

Sell 5 mobiles of above models for 310$ to Jack Smith
Sell 5 mobiles of above models for 310$ to Jack Smith


Restaurant Point of Sale Systems

We are hungry but we love to eat our food in modern restaurant to bring our orders faster and accurately, so it is our consumer rights to have a calm in food times. The first tools in any modern restaurant is Point of Sale to make it more smart and more faster. Waiter will enter your order at table and instantly, cooker will receive your order and get to start a delicious food for you.

Point of Sale in Restaurant
10 Top of Point of Sale in Restaurant

Structure of Restaurant Order System

At a business glance, a restaurant will be made from 3 hubs: 1- Customer (iPad of Menu ) 2- Cooking (Order Monitor ) 3- Reception (Cashier)

A P.O.S software will communicate categorized data between these section

POS Structure in Restaurant
POS Structure in Restaurant

Restaurant Point of Sale Software

It is a weekend and you have plan to have a food in a restaurant, so you think to select a restaurant with perfect services. However a modern type with new tools will be your preferred selection. you would like to have your order in less times and a restaurant with point of sales program as its main software could help you the best.

Restaurant Point of Sale Software

Basic Dimension of Point of Sale


  • Data server of Network
  • Sister application of iPad and Android tablets
  • Easy enter system for on table order entering
  • Main monitor for kitchen and chef table
  • On- standing monitor for reception
  • Live report of reserved table
  • Live report of food raw materiel inventory
  • Easy to update of food prices
  • Easy to teach to new waiters



List of Restaurant P.O.S Software

Squirrel P.O.S Systems

Squirrel POS systems for rest and bar

A full version software of POS by Squirrel to offer a fully integrated pos software plus hardware as your one-stop POS station in restaurant and bars

To get this software you should call: 1.800.388.6824

or Visit :

Accupos Restaurant POS

Accupos software company tells a Point of Sale system should be fast, without any bugs that’s why they built a P.O.S  simple for Restaurant.

Also this software has integration with Quickbooks accounting too.

More info :

Ezee Burrp Software

Ezee Burrp POS for restaurant
Ezee Burrp POS

Best Accounting Software for Small Business

In the modern world, Any business should has minimum speed in its financial department to analyze its financial transactions, generates statement reports, balance sheet and profit & loss statement for internal users like management and external users like shareholders and banks. All shareholders of small business need best accounting software to have a clear statements and status of the company that they interested in. To recognize a best software for accounting, there are too many factors to pay attention to.

Best accounting software and hardware for small business

What are parameters for the Best Accounting

When we say "The best", it could be the best of any parameter in a software, but to select an accounting software to use it for small business, the Best parameters are:

  • Great user-friendly design
  • Modern and simple interface, so any beginning user could use it with minimum help
  • The most automatic module of double entry to reduce complicated accounting tasks over user
  • No limitation or minimum limitation in accounts and items form to giving a freedom up-to unlimited
  • The most clear and easy to understand reports
  • As more software updates per mount, it will be better
  • Easy to updating with minimum clicks
  • Compatible in all operating system, I.O.S, android
  • Easy synchronization to a web server

The Best Accounting Software in US

In United state of America, Quickbooks is the famous accounting software for small to large business as shops, stores, hypermarkets, and large organizations. but it is a public accounting software and for special business with more than one dimension in invoices, you could use ready-made software or order a custom-made for your business to software company. Please remember that purchase a ready-made software will be better because it had passed its bugs after using of some old users but in new software you will face many bugs and it is a usual rules in programming

The most wanted Software for Small business in Canada

Canada has interesting market. In this country people only trust a software for their business when they get a recommend by friend to friend network or positive reviews in social networks. Usually Peachtree and DAC easy are the most used programs in Canada.

Some of Free Online Accounting software in Canada

  • Budgeto, an accounting software with focus on user-friendly and graphical design for budget management
  • Kiwili, a project management software for small business and self-employed
  • Wave, an online payroll software with weekly updates to keep you more satisfied
  • Zipbooks, a free online application for accounting and bookkeeping operations

Ideal Programs for Small Business in India

Tally is one of the most used accounting applications in India and almost every accountant in India knows how to works with this software. if you want to find a job as CPA there then they will take a test of your ability on Tally accounting. In this software you will see a nice user friendly environment and easy to understand reports.

Before any purchase of accounting software for your shops or trading company, we recommend you to try a demo version of it to see how it will issue vouchers, invoice and receipts and how will be structure of reports. It is very important that external and internal users could use the reports of your accounting department with less description. Internal users like mangers need different reports but external reports need statements of their accounts.

Download The Best Accounting Software

Now, You can download one of these accounting software for your small business

Cash Book Entries – Cash Payment in iGreen Accounting

When you pay any amount to your vendors or clients then this amount will be reduced from your cash account. cash flow of this type of transaction is important because you should control cash out from your business. However cash book entry of cash payment in bookkeeping is very important for auditing. here we will show you how to record cash payment in iGreen accounting software.

Cash Book Entry, Cash Payment

When you pay any amount of cash to your clients as vendors or customers then a cash payment has been occurred. if you would like to save it in journal entry then Client account (Account Payable) will be Debit and Cash account will be Credit.

For Example:

You paid 2500$ to Mr. Jack Smith, then its double-entry in journal book will be as below:

Cash Account                                            Credit (2500$)

Account Payable (Mr. Jack Smith)                                Debit (2500$)

Record Cash Payment in iGreen Accounting

Please run iGreen accounting and in main screen click on “Cash Payment”

Click on Cash payment on iGreen accounting
Click on Cash payment on iGreen accounting


then you will see a cash payment form as below

Cash Payment Form in iGreen
Cash Payment Form in iGreen

Quick help of some of data boxes:

  • Voucher no: this is a unique number that will be generate by iGreen accounting and you could not to change it
  • Reference no: it is your voucher no and you can write any number for your reference in your real vouchers
  • Date: It is date of receipt cash not date of entry!

iGreen will saved this voucher on Cash on Hand account as default but your can change it to other cash account easily by click on combo box under comment textbox as below:

Select Cash account in Cash payment form in iGreen
Select Cash account in Cash payment form in iGreen


Note: when you use Cash payment form in iGreen , please only enter cash paid amount and you should not enter Credit account (Cash account) in the rows of table, iGreen will be record a double-entry automatically after you click on Save button

Example of Paying 2500$ cash to Mr. Jack Smith

Example of Cash payment in iGreen
Example of Cash payment in iGreen

Report of Cash payment in iGreen

Report of client cash payment in iGreen
Report of client cash payment in iGreen

Cash Book Entries – Cash Receipt in iGreen Accounting

Cash flow is the most important transaction in any accounting and has two sections of receipt and payment. However cash book entry in bookkeeping is very important for reports. here we will show you how to do it in iGreen accounting software.

Cash Book Entry, Cash Receipt

When you receive any amount of cash from your clients as customers or vendors then a cash receipt has been occurred. if you would like to do it in journal entry then Cash account will be Debit and Client account (Account Receivables) will be Credit.

For Example:

You received 1200$ from your Client Mr. Jack Smith, then its double-entry in journal book will be as below:

Account Receivable (Mr. Jack Smith)          Debit (1200$)

Cash Account                                                                                        Credit (1200$)


Record Cash Receipt in iGreen Accounting

Please run iGreen accounting and in main screen click on “Cash Receipt” then you will see a form as below

Cash Receipt form in iGreen Accounting

Quick help of some of data boxes:

  • Voucher no: this is a unique number that will be generate by iGreen accounting and you could not to change it
  • Reference no: it is your voucher no and you can write any number for your reference in your real vouchers
  • Date: It is date of receipt cash not date of entry!

iGreen will saved this voucher on Cash on Hand account as default but your can change it to other cash account easily by click on combo box under comment textbox as below

Select cash account in cash receipt form in iGreen
Select cash account in cash receipt form in iGreen


Note: when you use Cash receipt form in iGreen , please only enter cash received amount and you should not enter Debit account (Cash account) in the rows of table, iGreen will be record a double-entry automatically after you click on Save button

Example of receiving 1200$ cash from Mr. Jack Smith

Example of cash receipt entry
Example of cash receipt entry


Print and Report of Cash Receipt

Report of Cash received from Clients in iGreen Accounting
Report of Cash received from Clients

Practice Double-Entry Bookkeeping

Accounting is not only theory, it includes practice too, however you should doing real practice in some financial departments and learn from professional accountants how to enter and record invoices and payments in journal books to understand accounting deeply.

At the first of all, doing practice Double-Entry bookkeeping is the heart of accounting learning to be a talent accountant.
You can do it on paper or by computers but as you know nowadays, most companies use PC or Mac computers to doing their financial accounting so we recommend you to start this practice by accounting software.
There are many accounting software available on sites to download for this purpose but some of them have hidden charges or are limited to a maximum quantity of vouchers after this limitation you should pay to get full version.
Here, we suggest you iGreen accounting software for Double-Entry practice. This software are really free without any limitation or hidden charges .

Main screen of iGreen accounting software
Main screen of iGreen accounting software



Start of Practice Double-Entry Bookkeeping

1. Download iGreen accounting software
2. Install it on your PC or laptop (note : this accounting software only will be installed on windows operating systems )
3. Create the first company in iGreen accounting ( help of how to create company in iGreen)
4. Please, in iGreen home screen click on chart of accounts to add your ledger accounts
( about types of accounts ) (how to add accounts in iGreen )
5. Run Journal entry form from home screen of iGreen accounting

Journal Entry form in iGreen Accounting

Journal Entry form in iGreen Accounting


Shop Accounting Software

Shops and stores with retails or whole sales trading are the basic business in any city so a shop accounting program is need as computer software to manage his business cash flow and control the profit and loss of it. There are many types of accounting program for shops but you should try a demo version of it before purchase full version to satisfy your mind and keep your calm. Be aware some of computer software are cheap but they bring a world of bugs to your times.

Actually you could not imagine even a shop without an accounting program in the modern cities.


Parameters for shops accounting program

Shop accounting software by Iticale

  • Image of item condition in time of invoicing (very useful for refurbished items and second hand goods)
  • Sales invoicing with barcode devices
  • Warranty trace
  • Network between stations of shops
  • Network between branches of business
  • Online backup of data on cloud servers
  • Restore financial data any where , anytime
  • Enter serial no of items and goods on invoices
  • Easy installation
  • Installments sales to selected customers
  • Trace best salesperson to grow business of shop
  • User friendly reports as income statements, profit & loss, cash flow


We designed a software with more options as above to care of your business. you can access your accounting main software on windows and mac and you can access your urgent financial reports, inventory adjustment, bar code entry by mobile application like android, iPhone and windows phone if you select your server on online server. Also you have an option to select server of your data in local PC, domestic server of foreign server related to speed of your internet.

P.O.S of Shop Automation

Shop accounting software on POS hardware

You can buy a P.O.S hardware (Point of Sales) or we can offer it to you with the lowest price and the best configuration and speed.

If you would like to buy yourself, please keep it in mind minimum configuration as below:

HDD: 100 GB, Ram 2 GB, CPU Pentium 1.5 GHz to up


For any inquiry, Please mention your business background, type of items and services be sold in your shop, contact details in below form for inquiry.

Do you have a software for shop management ?

It has no hidden charges! ,  Do you have software special for shop?, here is for you.

Please fill up this form and send your information to us, then We will show you to potential customers here 

Screenshots of Iticale Accounting Software

These screenshots has been taken in windows 7 from Iticale accounting software.

Screenshots of Home Screen

Iticale accounting software, main screen
Main screen of Iticale accounting software

This is screenshots of First screen that you will see when you run Iticale accounting software in windows 7. (Also you can run this accounting software in any version of windows that you would like). In this screen you can quickly click on big pictured button or select from top menu bar

Screenshots of Invoice

SalesInvoice, Iticale screenshots
Screenshot of Invoice

list of items and goods, Iticale screenshots
Goods and Items list

Cash Transactions

Cash out entry form, Iticale screenshots
Cash out entry (Cash payments)

Cash In entry form, Iticale screenshots
Cash in entry form (Cash Receipt)

Screenshots of Reports

Chart of Accounts, Iticale screenshots
Chart of Accounts

expense entry form, Iticale screenshots
Expense entry

Mobile shop Accounting Software in Dubai

If you have a business or shop in Dubai on mobile, smartphone and tablet trading then you can use iGreen accounting software. This software has been designed for recording business transactions of money and stocks with multi currency vouchers.

Iticale mobile shop management software for Dubai

What iGreen accounting software can do

  • Sim card number invoice
  • Invoice of mobile sales with IMEI trace and warranty duration check
  • Enter TRA No and Dealer no of any mobile box one by one
  • enter Unique Serial No of each mobile and smartphone box to trace it for warranty and reports
  • Invoice for sales of second hand mobile and smartphones with item image entry of sales time
  • Cloud server to network business data of the branches of your mobile shop over the country
  • Inventory control of all Branches in real time
  • Control of Cash flow of all shops and stores in chain
  • SOA of your clients for whole-sale business
  • Outstanding invoice to pay for your whole-sales customers
  • Control credit limit of your customers to prevent your business from bankruptcy
  • Profit & loss report of each branch and of all your business in one page


Installation and setup the server is free for all business owners in Dubai.

To read more about igreen accounting software please click here