Small businesses are a large part of any modern city and a suitable accounting program is need for them. Sometime a free accounting software could be the best, if it will be full version and with perfect support, but accounting software' technical support is more important than its price. a free and full version accounting software is delicious but when you need to change an internal mistakes or find a lost voucher or any unusual requests then it will costs much amounts for you to hire an accountant.  

Let us show you an example here:

United Arab Emirates is one the modern countries with huge volume of daily businesses and financial transactions, so that when you have a small business or a shop in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain or RAK, you have no time to waste of and bugs and problems of accounting software on PC or laptops inside your shops and accounts departments. When you installed a free accounting software then nobody accepts warranty and technical supports of accounting application that you are using. 

If you get any mistakes or invalid reports from your business accounting, there is no other way except to hire an accountant to solve it for you and it has minimum AED 5000 to AED 15000 to pay for accountant contract.

Perfect support on full version accounting software

Free Accounting VS Paid Accounting

This is one of the the most asked question for everybody that why some accounting software is free and some other are not free.

Actually nothings is free

When you are using a free accounting software, it has some limitation in it and after passing times and after entering some invoices, bills and vouchers, it will shows you its limitations. then if you want to continue you show pay for it.

For example, you are using a free software and entering invoices. everything are perfect and you are in calm mind but when you decided to print an invoice, you will see a water mark of programmer name in across of invoice length. so you send a message to programmer email and he asked you to pay its fee to remove it. That's all

Palladium Aaccounting Software

Palladium Accounting software, an accounting software from Palladium company ( . Version 2105 of it includes many feature-rich Accounting Solutions to reply to all types of organisations, ranging from the single user startup business, right through to the larger enterprise. it could be installed on all versions of windows.

Palladium Accounting Software price

Their single pricing model ensures that clients do not pay hidden costs for additional modules such as Point Of Sale or Project Costing. A familiar interface ensures that the product is easy to learn, ensuring that new clients are fully operational in a limited time period. Our value proposition is in our technology and product stability and is why we are the only company in the world to offer a 3-Year money back guarantee on data corruption.

Palladium Individual Accounting

Palladium Accounting, Individual Version
Palladium Accounting

This product is a single-user, fully functional application with the Invoicing of Service Items and General Ledger Recovery Accounts with Customers, Vendors and a full General Ledger for the small startup business. Oh and its free of charge!


Palladium Accounting Business

Palladium Accounting, Business version
Palladium Accounting, Business

The Palladium Business edition is limited to 10 users, and has the features of the Business Basics Edition with the inclusion of Profit Centers, Manufacturing, Multi-Warehousing and much more.


Palladium Accounting Enterprise

Palladium Accounting, Enterprise Version
Palladium Accounting

The Palladium Enterprise boasts our full Feature-Set from Projects, POS, Distribution, Pick Tickets, Manufacturing, Multi-Currency and much more.


Download Pre-Requisites (All Versions)

This Pre-requisites package MUST BE INSTALLED on ALL machines running any of the Palladium Accounting software packages. It will install the related .Net Run-times as well as the Crystal Reports Prerequisites.


Microsoft SQL Server

One computer on your network must be running SQL Server as the data source. This is usually installed on your server or the computer acting as the server for Palladium Accounting. If you already have a version of SQL Server running on your network, you can skip this step.

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Express