End-user Construction Companies

Following the examples of other industry sectors, a small, but increasing number of construction organizations are beginning to adopt e-business for performance improvements and addressing the adversarial inter organizational
relationships and fragmented processes. In the past few years, the UK construction industry has witnessed the emergence of a number of e-business applications to monitor, control, manipulate and store project information and to make it available to all project participants across the construction supply chain.

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This would lead to a step change in current working practices. To facilitate this step change it was vital to examine (and document) the impact of specific e-business applications on their end-user business processes. Case studies were therefore conducted to assess the impact of specific e-business applications on their end-user business processes. Two construction specific e-business applications, described as Products A and B for anonymity, were selected for case studies. These case studies mainly focused on three key aspects:

  1. Investigating the integration of specific e-business applications into the business processes o{ their end-user companies.
  2. Examining the impact of these applications on the traditional business processes of the construction end-users and their supply chains.
  3. Establishing the effectiveness and suitability of these applications in terms of their benefits and barriers.