Screenshots of iGreen Accounting Software

Screenshots of iGreen version:

These photo have been taken from running iGreen accounting application in windows 7. The first benefit of watching screenshots is to know design of a software before installation of it. the second benefit is to show you is an application really free or full of ads. Also for accounting software you can see it’s reports that is very important for the most accountants.

Advertisement of iGreen accounting

Home screen in iGreen ver:

Home Screen

Journal Entry form in iGreen ver:

In journal entry you can record any double entry for bookkeeping of vouchers. To use journal entry you should know a medium degree of bookkeeping, so if you are a beginner in accounting we suggestion use ready form like cash receipt, or .. for accounting entry.

Chart of Accounts in iGreen ver: Cash Receipt in iGreen ver: Cash Payment form in iGreen V: Accounts Statement in iGreen ver:

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