Four key elements for an e-ready organization (Figure 4.2)
VERDICT is an Internet-based prototype application that assesses the overall e-readiness of end-user companies and profiles […]


Figure 3.8 Trading process using Product B | e business constrction
In the review process, Products A and B were reviewed for their scope and functionality. This […]

Product Reviews

Supplier Products Database in BPR
The example demonstrated here illustrates opportunities for using e-business in construction processes. The example Node .4253 […]

Node 4253 in BPR Model

BPR Model in ebusiness
To demonstrate the potential of using e-business in construction a representative BRR model was developed using […]

BPR Model

BPR in ebusiness
Continuous demand for better performance and quality of services and products from customers and clients has […]

BPR for e-Business