Best Invoice Software

If you are owner of a shop, so that, you asked many times what is the best invoice software for my shop?. The term "Best" could point to many parameter. and also it varies from user to user.
Maybe one user of an accounting software doesn't like other accounting software but second user loves it deeply. so, you should try a trial version of any software that you have plan to buy it.
generally, We can list some of feature that could shows you a better accounting software

Feature of the best invoice software

  • Easy installation without need to special hardware
  • Easy run without any special software as Pre-installed
  • User-friendly environment to help you run it easy
  • Using it without any need to special knowledge of accounting
  • Easy move accounting data to another computer (Backup and Recover)
  • Weekly update to keep you updated
  • Automatic double entry to save your time of entry
  • Automatic inventory control to protect you from out-of-stock !

One of The best invoice software

Peachtree accounting has been used in the most countries as the best invoice software

Example of Invoice software

Print of invoice in one the best accounting software - Peachtree

Print of invoice in one the best accounting software (Peachtree)


Invoice entry form in Peachtree accounting software

Invoice entry form in Peachtree accounting software

Download Invoice Software

To download iGreen accounting software for invoice entry, please click on below link:

Download iGree accounting software, full version for windows 7

Download iGreen accounting software


e Business

Nowadays, to find a product or service and order it (like a smartphone, a new car or second hand car, to rent a home, or anything else...), e business is the the first selected method. Anybody first of all, checks online shops, web stores and blogs to find the best item. time is one the valuable investment in modern world. to reach a normal shop and search for item, it takes too much time from your life. time is limited and not refundable !, so that, it is business via electronic ways, yes it is time to do e-business perfectly !

time for e business

At a glance e-business has benefits for both buyers and vendors as:

  • Save time
  • The best presentation (With videos, sounds and photo)
  • The best price
  • No distance exist !
  • More customers, more sales
  • e-Shops are always open
  • Tracing customers for re-trade
  • look at reveiw of other customers to trust quality (Reviews is the most important matter in US, Canada and UK and modern countries)
  • Cheaper expense to advertising the items
  • The fastest way to announce about new products and items in web-store

What is e-Business

There are many definitions of e-business, for example we can defines e-business as any 'net' business activity that transforms internal and external relationships to create value and exploit market opportunities driven by new rules of the connected economy. actually the word 'e' means electronic so it means business via electronic channels as website, social networks and emails. By running business over internet, so trading will be occurred too, therefore e-commerce is result of e business.

E Business

Please click here to see e-business vs Shop

e-Business Definition

First of all, look at the word e-business, it includes from two words 1- e 2- business so we can define it electronic business however, it is more than an absolute state of a company and it targets the market opportunities of conducting business under new electronic channels, which revolve around the Internet.

e-business structure and connections between e business channels

e-business communications in real markets

Types of e business

e Business Range

This is an acknowledgement that e business comes in many forms and can be implemented to a very small or a large degree. It is also an acknowledgement that the 'Internet' is an essential component of an e-business strategy. Laudon and Laudon's (2002) definition of e-business, as the use of the Internet and other digital technology for organizational communication, coordination and the management of the firm, encompasses these different adaptations. In the broadest possible terms, however, e-business is an electronic way of doing business. The fact that the value proposition of e-business includes the creation of new market opportunities through electronic channels, should not be ignored as these electronically channeled market opportunities enable companies to lower transaction costs, reduce delivery times, improve customer services, and add convenience.

This site is concerned with the implementation of e-business in the construction industry. In this context, e-business is defined broadly as the conduct of construction business by electronic means.

This fits with broad definitions of the term 'e-commerce' exemplified by the definitions below:

  • The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD): 'The electronic exchange of information that support and govern commercial activities including organizational management, commercial management, commercial negotiations and contracts, legal and regulatory frameworks, financial settlement arrangements and taxation' (OECD,1999).
  • Learnthat : e-Commerce is not just about buying and selling online, but also includes all forms of business activities that are conducted over the Internet (e.g. the business-to-business flow of information between companies or within a company, communication between businesses, online advertising, etc.).
  • Kalakota and Whinston: e-Commerce at its grass root level can be described as an electronic method of doing business, typically over the Internet. Broadly defined, however, 'eCommerce is a modern business methodology that addresses the needs of organizations, merchants and consumers to cut costs while improving the quality of goods and services, and increasing the speed of service delivery'.

Thus, the term, e-business, as used in this site should not be considered synonymous with narrow definitions of e-commerce as the process of buying and selling goods and services online.

Please click here to see Definitions & details of business specifics, Short Term Financing

External References to read more about e business: Wikipedia | Tech Target


iGreen Accounting, Version

We are working hard to preparing version of iGreen accounting as soon as possible. in this version we have added invoice form for the first time in iGreen accounting. we are thinking to design it as easy as you enter your invoice very fast and easy without need to know accounting techniques. Download iGreen […]


Cash Book Format

We are listening many times terms like "cash" and "money" in any business and shops. because all trading transactions are on cash flow and it is the base of any business with format of in bank or in hand. So that, a successful business should keep its cash transactions very clear with true format in a cash book for decision times to get more profits. so that, understanding cash book format is a most for cash flow reports.


Parts of Cash book

All accounting transactions should be recorded and keep in a suitable section in ledger book, there many types of transactions between products, customers and suppliers. so that, relations of these transaction will be by cash or credits. Transactions of items of products and services will be kept in sales day book and purchase book and therefore all money transactions will keep in cash book. so any cash payment and cash receipt will record in cash book.

Cash book is a separate accounting book that includes columns as:

  • Date
  • Accounts
  • Description
  • Debit
  • Credit

Any record with debit amount means cash amount will store in cash account and reverse.


Typically, we can find two format for a cash book

  1. Official Format

  2. Shop Format

Official format of Cash Book

Official format of Cash Book

In official format there are columns Date, Description, Debit and Credit but in shop format there are columns: Date, Description, Income and Expense.

Shop format of Cash Book

Shop format of cash book

Debit and Credit are used in accounting concepts and professional format but these terms are hard to understand for normal user so in shop format term Income will used for Debit and Expense Will used for Credit.

Types of Cash Book

  • Two Column Cash Book
    • This type, has two columns as Debit (Income) and Credit(Expense) for Only Cash account so it mentions to All money in hand and bank
  • Triple Column Cash Book
    • This type, has three columns as Debit, Credit, and a column for cash type ( cash in hand or cash in bank). Benefit of this type of cash book is to recognize where is cash? in hand or in bank and we can have more clear reports and statement of cash flow
Cash Book in Triple Column

Cash Book in Triple Column

Petty Cash Book

Petty cash is one of big volume account in any business because of much quantity of charge payments for daily charges of offices or..

However, in the most company, petty cash transactions keep in separate book as name petty cash book.


How to Use Cash Book

As you know, cash transactions are too much and everyday too many voucher will be recorded. so it is recommended to enter cash payments and cash receipt at the end of day and before leaving the job. Don't leave them to do in the next day because you will get more delay vouchers day by day so that will grow to huge quantity of vouchers and it will make more mistakes in big time working.

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Brother sewing, INNOV IS 15P


  • 16 stitches
  • 3 Automatic button holes
  • Automatic needle threading
  • LED sewing light
  • Monochrome LCD display
  • JOG dial
  • F.A.S.T. bobbin winding system
  • 1 year warranty



Brother sewing, INNOV FS155


  • 100 built-in utility and decorative stitches
  • 55 characters stitches
  • One-step button hole
  • Automatic needle threading
  • Quick set bobbin
  • LED sewing light
  • LCD display screen
  • Max stitch width 7 MM, Length 5 MM



Brother sewing, INNOV IS 95E



  • 100MM x 100MM Embroidery area
  • 70 built-in embroidery design
  • 400 stitches per minutes
  • Automatic needle threading
  • LCD touch screen
  • Automatic thread cutting
  • USB port/memory card slot



Brother sewing, INNOV IS 955



  • 129 sewing stitches and 3 lettering fonts
  • 596 embroidery designs
  • 6 built-in embroidery fonts
  • USB support
  • Automcatic needle threading
  • Presser foot leveling button
  • LCD touch screen
  • Quick set bobbin



Brother sewing, INNOV IS V7


  • Long arm cutting and embroidery unit
  • embroidery foot with LED pointer
  • Ultrasonic sensor functions
  • 283MM long arm
  • Embroidery area 300 MM x 130 MM
  • Large touch screen
  • USB support
  • Automatic needle threading
  • Quick set bobbin
  • 11% extra large sewing space



Brother sewing, INNOV IS 980K


  • 54 built-in hello kitty embroidery patterns
  • 10 button hole styles
  • 710 stitches / minutes
  • LCD display screen 71 x 58
  • Automatic needle threading
  • Stitch length 5MM, width 7MM



Brother sewing, INNOV IS 800E


  • 260 x 160 MM embroidery area
  • 138 built-in embroidery designs includes 140 frame patterns combination and 11 embroidery fonts
  • 6 built-in embroidery fonts
  • 3.7" LCD touch screen
  • USB support
  • Automatic needle threading



Brother sewing, INNOV IS 1500


  • 283 built-in sewing stitches
  • 163 embroidery designs
  • 260 x 160 MM embroidery area
  • Customizable machine speeds (800-1000 spm)
  • Bright sewing work area with 5 LED lights
  • Large embroidery designs
  • 1 year warranty



Brother sewing, INNOV IS V3



  • 17 built-in fonts
  • 227 built-in designs
  • Frames includes
  • USB support
  • Automatic needle threading
  • Up to 1050 stitches / minute
  • Large embroidery area
  • Large LCD touch screen
  • 1 year warranty



Brother sewing, INNOV IS VR


  • 20 built-in embroidery fonts
  • 200 x 200 MM embroidery area
  • 405 embroidery designs
  • LED pointer placement
  • USB support
  • Up to 1000 stitches / minute
  • Easy to use 7" LCD display



Brother sewing, INNOV IS XV


  • 726 sewing stitches and 15 Styles n
  • 956 embroidery designs
  • USB support
  • Automatic needle threading
  • 10" LCD touch screen
  • Quick set bobbin
  • 5 Sewing fonts
  • Laser guide line
  • Ultra sonic pen
  • Intelligent Eye Camera




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Standard Accounting Practice Standards issued up to 1 August 1990 are known as Statements of Standard Accounting Practice (SSAP). SSAP4: The accounting treatment of government grants SSAP5: Accounting for value added tax SSAP9: Stocks and long-term contracts SSAP13: Accounting for research and development SSAP17: Accounting for post-balance sheet events SSAP19: Accounting for investment properties SSAP20: […]


Accounting software for jewellery shop

Jewellery shops (Jewelry) have big amount of trading in money and small amount of item size !. any small mistake in amount of product could have bad results and loss in shops.  Accounting software for jewellery You can use iGreen accounting software for your jewellery shops for free. Lite version of iGreen accounting is free […]


Types of accounting software

There are many accounting software over the world and daily many software companies are working to create more and more accounting software. to select a true software for your business, shop or companies, it is better to have look on a categorized list of accounting software. we can categorize software based on different conditions or […]


Creating a Company File

A company file is where you store your company’s financial records in QuickBooks, so it’s the first thing you need to work on in the program. You can create a company file from scratch or convert records that you previously kept in a different small-business accounting program, Quicken, or even another edition of QuickBooks like […]


What’s New in QuickBooks 2015

Despite the fluctuating size of the tax code, accounting and bookkeeping practices don’t change much each year. The changes in QuickBooks 2015 are mostly small tweaks and subtle improvements, but some of them might be just what you’ve been waiting for: Insights tab in the Home window In previous versions of QuickBooks, the Home window […]


Direct costs Vs indirect costs

Sometimes, direct costs are treated as indirect because tracing costs directly to the cost object is not cost effective. For example, the nails used to manufacture a particular desk can be identified specifically with the desk, but, because the cost is likely to be insignificant, the expense of tracing such items does not justify the possible benefits from calculating more accurate product costs.

The distinction between direct and indirect costs also depends on the cost object

A cost can be treated as direct for one cost object but indirect in respect of another. if the cost object is the cost of using different distribution channels, then the rental of warehouses and the salaries of storekeepers will be regarded as direct for each distribution channel. Also consider a supervisor's salary in a maintenance department of a manufacturing company. if the cost object is the maintenance department, then the salary is a direct cost. However, if the cost object is the product, both the warehouse rental and the salaries of the storekeepers and the supervisor will be an indirect cost because these costs cannot be specifically identified with the product.


Assigning direct costs to cost objects


Direct costs can be traced easily and accurately to a cost object. For example, where products are the cost object,

Direct costs in cost assignment

Direct costs

direct materials and labour used can be physically identified with the different products that an organization produces. Therefore it is a simple process to establish an information technology system that records the quantity and cost of direct labour and material resources used to produce specific products.


Assigning indirect costs to cost objects


In contrast, indirect costs cannot be traced to cost objects. Instead, an estimate must be made of the resources consumed by cost objects using cost allocation. A cost allocation is the process of assigning costs when a direct measure does not exist for the quantity of resources consumed by a particular cost object Cost allocations involve the use of surrogate rather than direct measures. 



For example, consider an activity such as receiving incoming materials. Assuming that the cost of receiving materials is strongly influenced by the number of receipts then costs can be allocated to products (i.e. the cost object) based on the number of material receipts each product requires.

Prices raw materials in cost accounrting

If 20% of the total number of receipts for a period were required for a particular product then 20% of the total costs of receiving incoming materials would be allocated to that product.

Assuming that the product was discontinued, and not replaced, we would expect action to be taken to reduce the resources required for receiving materials by 20%.

in the above illustration the surrogate allocation measure is assumed to be a significant determinant of the cost of receiving incoming materials. You should note that only direct costs can be accurately assigned to cost objects.

The more direct costs that can be traced to a cost object, the more accurate is the cost assignment.


Direct and Indirect Costs

Costs that are assigned to cost objects can be divided into two broad categories Direct and Indirect costs. Both categories can be further divided into direct and indirect material costs, and direct and indirect labour costs Each of these categories is discussed in the following sections. Direct Materials Direct materials represent those material costs that can be specifically and […]


Cost Terms and Concepts

Accounting information systems measure costs that are used for different purposes i.e profit measurement and inventory valuation, decision-making, performance measurement and control. Therefore different types of costs are used in different situations. Because the term ‘cost’ has multiple meanings, a preceding term must be added to clarify the assumptions that underlie a cost measurement. A large terminology has emerged […]


Absorption costing system

Below image provides an overview of the cost assignment process for an absorption costing system, The term cost tracing is used in this photo to denote the fact that direct costs can be specifically and exclusively identified with a particular cost object. Cost assignment merely involves the implementation of suitable data processing procedures that identify and […]


Privacy in e Business

The collection of information and data about people is a characteristic of e-business transactions. e-Business marketplaces and portals derive value from data mining activities. Construction companies engaged in e-business will have to manage multiple risks relating to privacy; some relate to personal privacy concerns about their own firms, and others relate to concerns about infringement. Construction […]



Jurisdiction is a legal term describing which law is in effect at a given period of time and which court’s decisions will be legally binding. jurisdiction issues arise when parties dispute a contract and try to decide which court has jurisdiction over it. The problem is exacerbated by the fact that in an e-business contract, […]


Types of legal risks

The legal risks of conducting business online change every day as new technologies are introduced to the market. These technologies pose important problems to legislators that need quick and effective solutions. The difference between the rates at which e-business technology develops to the rate at which legal framework and rules develop is substantial. Legal risks […]


Legal issues

The hype for e-business in the construction industry is now over. With industry players already embracing the change, many are now shifting their focus towards the impact, or non-impact, that e-business has left in their businesses. e-Business applications in the construction industry are poised for restructuring as industry players have recognized that e-business will re-intermediate […]


How to write a cash book

Cash trading is one the most used method in shops and discount centers. to keep a cash book updated and write a cash book in true format, you need details of cash flow. When Cash receives from customer, it will be added to cash account with amount of it in Debit column When Cash be […]


Tools Shops in Dubai

in Dubai, tools shops usually sell tools like: SAFETY PRODUCTS SHADE NETTINGS RAZOR WIRE FIRE BLANKETS PAINT BRUSHES PAINT ROLLERS ABRASIVES PVC WATER TANKS ROLLER CHAINS Brands of these tools commonly are from Bush, BlackandDecker, Siemens, … Coast Tools    


What is Management Accounting

The Role of Management Accounting Management accounting:  ( defined by the National Association of Accountants (NAA)) ( The process of identification, measurement, accumulation, analysis, preparation, interpretation, and communication of financial information, which is used by management to plan, evaluate, and control within an organization. ) It ensures the appropriate use of and accountability for an organizations […]


The importance of bookkeeping

All businesses, without exception, need to keep accurate and readily accessible records of their financial transactions. Many organizations other than businesses also need to do it, and some individuals too. As a child I had a neighbor who died at the age of 75 leaving records that accounted for every penny of his income and […]


Examples of invoicing

The best way to learn an accounting software is to enter real invoices and vouchers in it. Therefore, we will add different examples of invoice entry of sample businesses in Dubai, Oman and Qatar to show you how to do invoicing by iGreen accounting application.


Manage Currencies

Multi currency is one of top feature in iGreen accounting. so that, you can record and issue sales invoices and any voucher of cash transactions in any currency that you want. To look at list of currencies in iGreen accounting, in home screen, in right, bottom of screen, please click on update currency. so that, […]


Profit and Loss Report

When you record invoices of your business in iGreen accounting software, it will give you an easy to understanding report of profit and loss As you see here, you can get total of profits of all your items and also you can control one by one of items. In this example, we have two items […]


Forex Positions

Online market of currencies or Forex is very sensitive to any politics changes. an eCommerce with high risk to loss your investments in market very easy. So it need study very carefully ! we will update it about our analyses when to buy or sell EURUSD , JPNUSD and GBPUSD Forex signal of this week […]


Expense Entry Software for Dubai

In any business, Gross income is the main statement for taxation but to know net income, you need to reduce expenses from it, with a perfect expense entry software you can reach net income easily. There are many software in Dubai markets and you can use them for journal entry of expenses. here we will […]


Free accounting consultation in Dubai

There many business owners in Dubai that they need an honest guides to know how to order software and automate their business accounts department. so that, a free consultation of accounting in Dubai, could be a advantage for you to know what you need really for your accounts department. Without a true consultation maybe there are […]


e-Business lnfrastructure

Early e-business applications in the construction industry were built around focused and narrow processes such as oniine blue rooms and online project management and collaboration portals. It was estimated that US$2.5 billion has been spent in capital investments, in the United States only, by Application Service Providers creating project management and collaboration portals alone. Despite the large IT investments […]


Accounting Software Images

Screenshots and images of accounting software could help you to select an accounting software for your accounts department. With looking at images, you don't need to waste your time for installation of accounting software one by one. You can quickly look at screenshots of any accounting software to see what it offers you.

It is important to check what types of vouchers and invoices, you want to have in an accounting software. some of accounting programs are strong in manufacturing department but some of them are strong in shopping accounting. so that, it is not true if an accounting software is strong in another field could be strong in your accounts department.

Images of Quickbooks Accounting Software

Quickbooks accounting has been used widely in United state of America. it is a software product of Intuit software company.

Chart of Accounts in Quickbooks accounting

Quickbooks - Chart of Accounts

Customer payments in Quickbooks Accounting

Customer payments

Main screen of Quickbooks

Main screen of Quickbooks

Sales Invoice in Quickbooks

Invoice in Quickbooks

Images of Peachtree Accounting Software

Invoice entry form in Peachtree accounting software

Invoice entry form in Peachtree accounting software

Print of invoice in one the best accounting software - Peachtree

Print of invoice in one the best accounting software (Peachtree)

Peachtree accounting software - Main Screen

Main screen of Peachtree

Chart of Accounts in Peachtree accounting

Peachtree accounting - Chart of Accounts

Images of iGreen Accounting Software

The most important benefits of iGreen accounting are:

  • A real free accounting software
  • Unlimited levels in Chart of accounts
  • Tree-veiw chart of accounts
  • Tree-view list of items and goods
  • Unlimited photo of products
  • Multi-Currency
Inventory form in iGreen accounting software

Inventory form in iGreen accounting

iGreen Accounting Software V1.1.0.1

Main Screen

iGreen's chart of accounts

iGreen's chart of accounts

Journal Entry in version of iGreen

Journal Entry in version of iGreen accounting

Example of Cash payment in iGreen

Example of Cash payment in iGreen

Report of client cash payment in iGreen

Report of client cash payment in iGreen

Cash Receipt form in iGreen Accounting

Cash Receipt form in iGreen Accounting

New Images

All images of these accounting software have been taken from real accounting software