Peachtree Accounting Software

Peachtree Accounting

Peachtree accounting software is one of the most used application for small business and financial in USA and Canada companies. This software at current time is under ownership of Sage company.

With regard to opinions of users in social networks, using Peachtree accounting is more easier of Quickbooks. as you can enter invoices, purchases and cash vouchers very easy without high courses of accounting.

Peachtree Accounting
Peachtree Accounting

In this page we will try to teach it step by step with out your need to accounting acknowledgement.

About Peachtree accounting software

The best review of an accounting software is looking at its home screen. in home screen of Peachtree accounting we can see user-friendly design. we could find any form in left menu and then in task window very easy. The most nice concept is step by step iconic menu in task window. so that, you can determine what is next form after finishing a form.

For example: As you see in below photo, when you select [Customers & Sales] from left menu, you will see all tasks from sales to settlement in one window as task window. However, when you finish [Sales order], you will know [sales invoice] is the next form you will need.

Peachtree accounting software - Main Screen
Main screen of Peachtree


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