Quickbooks Accounting Software

Quickbooks Accounting Software

QuickBooks accounting software is a product of intuit company and is one of the most used application for financial accounting in Dubai, US, Canada, UK and Australia.

Thousands of small companies and nonprofit organizations turn to QuickBooks to keep their finances on track. And over the years, Intuit has introduced various editions of the program to satisfy the needs of different types of companies.
Back when milk was simply milk, you either used QuickBooks or you didn’t. But now, when you can choose milk from soybeans, nuts, rice, and cows—with five different levels of fat—it’s no surprise that QuickBooks comes in a variety of editions (which, in some cases, are dramatically different from their siblings), as well as six industry specific editions. From the smallest of sole proprietor ships to burgeoning enterprises, one of these editions is likely to meet your organization’s needs and budget.
QuickBooks isn’t hard to learn. Many of the features that you’re familiar with from other programs work the same way in QuickBooks—windows, dialog boxes, dropdown lists, and keyboard shortcuts, to name a few. And with each new version, Intuit has added enhancements and features to make your workflow smoother and faster.


Popular features of Quickbooks Accounting

  • Real time status of Accounts payable and Accounts Receivable to show your business stands
  • Synchronize your bank account statement to banks in US and Canada for reconciliation
  • Free application for mobile platforms as Android and iPhone
  • Auto Request for outstanding accounts receivable by sending invoices via emails


QuickBooks Software Pakcage

QuickBooks Software Package, Pro 2015

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