Asset Tagging Software

What is Asset Tagging Software

The first reason to use an asset tagging software is to maintain an accurate inventory of valuable assets of company and count fixed assets, like  office equipment, PC, phones and furniture of office. if your business or shop has been located far from your main office then we suggest to use tracking software to protect your time from losing items and find it again in accountancy process.

Asset control form in Asset tagging software

Solutions to do Asset tagging & Tracking

You can use RFID, Cupper Tag or barcode labels. barcode lable for asset tags have greatly simplifies the process and cheap charge.

Some companies in Dubai or Abu Dhabi need to track the movement of their portable assets like cars, gas cylinders and chemical containers then barcode label are not suitable because they will be damaged in direct sunlight and wet area then using RFID tags is the best to control exit and entrance of items by RFID gates.


What is Asset Tagging

Each fixed assets has a unique serial no then you should attach this serial no on assets one by one in form of RFID label, barcode label. this is asset tagging job.


most of the trading companies and stores in Dubai usually use barcode label for internal fixed assets and RFID for external fixed assets because of hot weather, direct sun light and rain. Plastic covers is the best protection for RFID tag with light weight and cheap price.

Official and usually title of asset tagging label start with “properies of ” followed by company name.


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