The Biggest Gold Ring in Dubai

Dubai is city of top artworks and you can find unique of them here. Some of these artworks are unbelievable handicrafts that you need watch them many times.

This time we have a look at jewelry markets in Dubai and it is very fantastic to see the biggest gold ring in the rest of the world in Dubai !.

This gold ring has been recorded in Guinness world records as “BIGGEST GOLD RING

A gold ring with 64 kg weight

The biggest gold ring in Dubai

The world’s heaviest gold ring created by Talba and has been created for Saudi Arabia

Total weight: 63.856 KG (Gold + Stones)
Gold Weight: 58.686 KG | 21 Carat
Precious stones: 5.57 KG

As below photo you can compare this gold ring size with other normal gold ring and see how much is big !

The biggest gold ring in DubaiThe biggest gold ring in DubaiThe biggest gold ring in Dubai

This mounted big stone on this ring is not diamond but precious stones in this gold are from shiny and high quality jewelry stones

Location of the biggest gold ring

You can find this gold ring in Dubai of United Arab Emirates as :

Rossella Jewelry shop, Gold Souq, Deira area