Lists of Business Specific (A to B)

Lists of Business Specific (A to B)

Accounting Agency

The job of the accountant is to provide his or her clients with accurate, up-to-date financial records, financial statements, and tax returns. The accountant helps the client manage his business, by teaching him how to interpret financial statements and use accounting information to make better decisions for his business.

Accountants must keep detailed, accurate records of their billable time to allocate costs to clients accurately. Generally, billing is either by an hourly rate or a set fee. Accounting agencies are usually either partnerships or corporations, with smaller agencies operating as sole proprietorships. The fiscal year usually equals the calendar year.

Advertising Agency

Advertising agencies sell their expertise in some combination of the following: marketing, public relations, graphic design, artwork, marketing writing, direct mail, and media selection and services.

Agencies are typically partnerships or corporations. These forms of business offer a framework for rewarding talented people, and its people are the greatest asset an Advertising Agency has.

The fiscal year is usually the calendar year, but it could be tied to the specific industry the agency services.

Architectural Firm

This type of industry is for businesses that design residential or commercial structures, provide consulting services to builders, inspect structures, or supervise construction projects.

Auction Gallery

This business is involved in selling goods by way of an open bidding process. Antiques and autos are two items often sold by this method. This chart of accounts provides a framework for an auctioneer to track revenues and expenses accurately.

Automobile Dealer

Automobile Dealers are primarily involved in the sale of new and used vehicles. They may also provide other services such as auto repair and rental for their customers, but the primary focus is on sales.

Auto Repair Shop

Whether independent or part of a franchised network, auto repair shops provide services to their customers. A differentiating factor might be the type of auto serviced or the specialized part of a car that is repaired. The sample chart of accounts will track costs and revenues in either situation.

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