Lists of Business Specific (D to E)

Lists of Business Specific (D to E)

Dance Instruction Studio

A dance instruction studio delivers both goods and services. Goods in the form of costumes or dance supplies, and services in the form of dance lessons.

Day Care Center

This type of business provides services to the general public. Day care centers need to track not only the revenue from fees billed, but also record costs for supplies, utilities, etc. to make sure costs are kept under control.

Dentist Office

This business provides dental services to the public. Special areas of dentistry might include orthodontics or oral surgery.


This type of business provides services to the general public. They may sell to other distributors or retailers as a wholesaler or retail the items directly. Examples include auto parts distribution or electrical supplies.


Service is the primary focus for tailors and dressmakers. Custom-made goods as well as repairs and alterations are the main revenue items.

Drug Store

This business provides retail sales of miscellaneous health and beauty items along with prescription drugs to their customers.

Dry Cleaner

This is a service business performing on-site or remote item cleaning and alterations typically to the general public. Items cleaned typically include garments, draperies, and linens. This business is also similar to a carpet cleaning company that performs services onsite.

Educational Institution/School

This organization provides educational services to its students, members, or customers.

Electrical Contractor

This individual or company might provide residential or commercial wiring, electrical troubleshooting and repairs and other electrical services. The electrical contractor is almost always working under contract with a customer. Therefore, tracking costs and time is critical.

Employment Agency

This business can provide both goods and services. They may involve themselves just in placing permanent employees or include temporary placement opportunities as well.

Engineering Company

This type of business provides professional engineering services to its customers. That service consists of rendering engineering opinions.