Lists of Business Specific (I to M)

Lists of Business Specific (I to M)

Insurance Agent

This type of business provides insurance policies for the general public and or other businesses. Specialty areas might include automobile, life, health, homeowners, and workman’s compensation insurance. This article is intended for either an independent operator or an authorized agent for a national or franchised insurance company.

Interior Decorator

Both services and sales of goods could be provided by this type of business. Consultations on interior designs, colors or layouts is usually the majority of the business. In addition, a decorator could sell accessories such as lamps, curtains, etc., to generate sales of goods. These items usually would not be inventoried.

Janitorial Service

This type of business would provide janitorial services on a contract or per-visit basis.

Jewelry Store

This is a retail business that sells and (possibly repairs) jewelry to the general public.

Legal Firm

This type of business would perform legal services for the general public. Attorneys may specialize in different areas such as real estate, probate, domestic, or criminal law.

Manufacturing Company

This type of industry is for businesses that assemble items for resale and distribute to retailers. The items could be assembled into a new finished item for resale, or raw materials could be molded into a finished good. This includes clothing, home furnishings, newspapers and books.

Medical Practice

This business offers various forms of health care services to patients or customers. Special areas of medicine might include primary care, pediatrics, internal medicine, cardiology, dermatology, oncology, and so on.


This type of business provides temporary room and board to the general public. This includes resorts, hotels, motels, bed and breakfast homes, and extended-stay communities.

Music Store

This type of business provides both goods and services to the general public. Goods would be in the form of music, records, musical instruments or supplies. Services would include musical lessons, instrument rental and instrument repair.