Difference between cash receipts and cash payments

One of the most asked question from accounting users and data operators is: What is difference between cash receipts and cash payments?.

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  • Cash receipt: receiving cash from customers
  • Cash payment: cash paying to vendors.

It is simple at the First of all, but in voucher format and journal entry they completely have different accounting identity. cash terms covers money in hands, money in cashiers and capital in bank accounts. in some companies cash only mention to cash in hand. because they trade for cash only like groceries shops.

cash receipt will increase amount of cash in cashier and vise versa

What is difference between cash receipts and cash payments

Journal Entry

Journal entry of cash receipt make cash account credit and payer account debit. because cash flow moves from payer to cash account but journal entry for cash payment is vise versa, cash account will debit and payee account will be credit.

These examples of cash transactions by iGreen accounting software

Example of Cash receipt

A sample of cash receipt here is received is $210 from customer. so that you see cash account has been credited as amount of 210

Sample of cash payment in iGreen

Cash payment sample

Example of Cash payment

A sample of cash payment here is amount of $870 to vendor. however you see debit amount of 870.

Sample of cash Receipt in iGreen

Cash Receipt sample

Note: iGreen adds voucher of cash payment after voucher of cash receipt and calculates total balance of cash account at the end of report.

Remember after any cash payment to vendors or cash receipt from customers, be sure to print its voucher and get a signature from payee or payer to prevent your business from any financial problem in the future.

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