Cloud Accounting

What is Cloud Accounting

In old times, there was no network between country by internet as is as now but by developing of internet technology, users could access any file or data easily from any country to other country. Cloud means a server with big hard disk drive that is 99.9% up-time and with a high speed connection to internet then anybody could access its shared folders and resources easily over internet even smart application as cloud accounting could access database on it very easy.

Cloud Accounting at a glance

Benefit of Cloud Accounting software

  • Access vouchers and invoices anywhere and anytime
  • Accountant could doing their job out of company
  • Accountant could support business owner very easy
  • Auto-update of Accounting
  • The best support by developers

Problems of Cloud Based Accounting

  • Without internet, no access to data
  • Dangerous of hack the server

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Note: Cloud accounting is a little bit different from Online Accounting, please click here to read more about Online Accounting

About Iticale Cloud Accounting

in Iticale accounting you can setup a selected cloud server to put your financial data on it, then by any devices as tablet, mobile, PC or MAC you can access your accounting transactions and even your accounting operators could enter vouchers, invoices, cash flows and banking operations from their homes easily.

Some of main features in Iticale cloud accounting:

  • Double Entry
  • Purchase and Invoice entry
  • Inventory tracking
  • Customers and vendors portal
  • Multi-Currency
  • Export reports to Excel, PDF and MS office word

Please send your inquiry about the system you need follow by your mobile no, email, and company activity background.


We will customize an application regard to your order to suit your business accounting need. Delivery times will be from one month to 4 months related to modules that you need or order to us. 5 years warranty will be support your business to make you more happy with our services.