Coronavirus (COVID-19) Protection

There is no vaccination, syrup or antibiotics for Corona virus at this time (Feb 2020) . so we should surround or there is any way?

A Cold and Warm shower in bathroom with a magic mix of Garlic could be a solution for it ..

Corona is in group of influenza, so these type of viruses will active in body of human when there is a decrease of temperature.

Influenza Virus H1N1

Influenza Virus H1N1

When you are outside in streets and nature , a cold weather for more than 10 minutes will decrease temperature of your body and viruses could start to action. So this is a solution for a natural vaksinasion.

How to Vaksinasion by bath shower

When you open cold water in bathroom make your body in cold condition but your keep it only for 10 second not 10 minutes and quickly close cold water and open hot (warm) water . So what is result?

Yes, you let viruses to action but only for 10 second and before they be more powerful you stop it by hot water of shower.

Then a small effect of viruses remains and white globules will start to clean body from viruses. Therefore your body will go to a ready status without getting cold.

I will write more in next days .. please revisit this page again