e Business

Nowadays, to find a product or service and order it (like a smartphone, a new car or second hand car, to rent a home, or anything else...), e business is the the first selected method. Anybody first of all, checks online shops, web stores and blogs to find the best item. time is one the valuable investment in modern world. to reach a normal shop and search for item, it takes too much time from your life. time is limited and not refundable !, so that, it is business via electronic ways, yes it is time to do e-business perfectly !

time for e business

At a glance e-business has benefits for both buyers and vendors as:

  • Save time
  • The best presentation (With videos, sounds and photo)
  • The best price
  • No distance exist !
  • More customers, more sales
  • e-Shops are always open
  • Tracing customers for re-trade
  • look at reveiw of other customers to trust quality (Reviews is the most important matter in US, Canada and UK and modern countries)
  • Cheaper expense to advertising the items
  • The fastest way to announce about new products and items in web-store

What is e-Business

There are many definitions of e-business, for example we can defines e-business as any 'net' business activity that transforms internal and external relationships to create value and exploit market opportunities driven by new rules of the connected economy. actually the word 'e' means electronic so it means business via electronic channels as website, social networks and emails. By running business over internet, so trading will be occurred too, therefore e-commerce is result of e business.

E Business

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e-Business Definition

First of all, look at the word e-business, it includes from two words 1- e 2- business so we can define it electronic business however, it is more than an absolute state of a company and it targets the market opportunities of conducting business under new electronic channels, which revolve around the Internet.

e-business structure and connections between e business channels

e-business communications in real markets

Types of e business

e Business Range

This is an acknowledgement that e business comes in many forms and can be implemented to a very small or a large degree. It is also an acknowledgement that the 'Internet' is an essential component of an e-business strategy. Laudon and Laudon's (2002) definition of e-business, as the use of the Internet and other digital technology for organizational communication, coordination and the management of the firm, encompasses these different adaptations. In the broadest possible terms, however, e-business is an electronic way of doing business. The fact that the value proposition of e-business includes the creation of new market opportunities through electronic channels, should not be ignored as these electronically channeled market opportunities enable companies to lower transaction costs, reduce delivery times, improve customer services, and add convenience.

This site is concerned with the implementation of e-business in the construction industry. In this context, e-business is defined broadly as the conduct of construction business by electronic means.

This fits with broad definitions of the term 'e-commerce' exemplified by the definitions below:

  • The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD): 'The electronic exchange of information that support and govern commercial activities including organizational management, commercial management, commercial negotiations and contracts, legal and regulatory frameworks, financial settlement arrangements and taxation' (OECD,1999).
  • Learnthat : e-Commerce is not just about buying and selling online, but also includes all forms of business activities that are conducted over the Internet (e.g. the business-to-business flow of information between companies or within a company, communication between businesses, online advertising, etc.).
  • Kalakota and Whinston: e-Commerce at its grass root level can be described as an electronic method of doing business, typically over the Internet. Broadly defined, however, 'eCommerce is a modern business methodology that addresses the needs of organizations, merchants and consumers to cut costs while improving the quality of goods and services, and increasing the speed of service delivery'.

Thus, the term, e-business, as used in this site should not be considered synonymous with narrow definitions of e-commerce as the process of buying and selling goods and services online.

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