e-Business vs Real Business

Do you have a showroom in a corner of your city?, if yes, so you have a real business but if you sell your products over Ebay or Amazon website then you have e-business. But the main question is which is better ? which has more profit for us?. Before to answer to this question lets us have a look at different between e-business and a shop


How E-business Works for You

  • ebusinessCustomers will find you by search in internet
  • Your products are available to show 24 hours of all days of year
  • Your customers are from the world so our location is the world
  • Customers could trust your electronic products perfectly but not real products like art works or handcrafts
  • Customers will pay you over electronic payment gate not in money note
  • Comments and reviews of your customers could be read by other customers


How Real business (Shop) Works for You

  • A Showroom of Car in the street

    A Showroom of Car

    Customers will find you by your signboard over street
  • Your products are available to show only over opening hours of shop
  • Your customers are mainly from the area of the location of your shop
  • Customers could trust all your products and services that you present it in shop
  • Customers will pay you by POS or money note
  • Opinions of your customers could not be read by other customers