eCommerce website

Create a website for e-commerce is not so easy as we imagine it usually. an eCommerce website need passed many steps and structures to be a real portal for commerce and trading of items.


Web Design, The First Step !

The first step and also the most step is designing the website with the best feature so that, you can show your items and services perfectly to visitors. you should keep it in mind that design of your website is really decoration of your online showroom. As you spend costs to decorating perfectly and normal showroom to make it beautiful, so a design of website is important too.

Website Builder

You can use programming language like ASP.NET, Python, HTML or PHP as web design software to build design of a website or you can use a website builder to create your site. there many website builder around the internet like:

  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Prestashop
  • Yahoo site builder
  • Hostgator
  • Godaddy
  • iWeb
  • Plesk site builder
  • Google blogger

The most used website builder is wordpress. programming language of wordpress is PHP but you don’t need to know about PHP. you can easily install it online by control panel of your hosting service provider

Web Development

When you created a website and finished its design, it will not be end of work!. the work just is be started. you should update daily information on your site and keep information of items and services updated. The visitors will review trusty of information inside of it and they will rate it between millions of competitors.

Web Designer

The famous eCommerce companies use many staffs in their web design department, to be sure their website is the best and user-friendly for visitors. it is one of the most important rule.

Shopping Cart

Each eCommerce website needs a shopping card modules to accept order online. the first matter for shopping card modules is its security level. so that, in modern countries, the banks offer official shopping card modules for their web developers and customers to help them accept order online with top security and easy without hacker problems.

Web Design Company

Hiring professional web developers to create, designing and updating website is not cheap process. sometimes it costs more than $15,000 up-to $50,000 !.

Therefore, small business companies order their website to web designer companies to reduce costs of it and save their time on website maintenance. There are many companies in USA, Canada, UK, … that are special to designing website and also they will be happy to maintenance your site. usually when you order your eCommerce website to them, they will send daily reports of what they did on it and how many traffic and visitors you has per day.

Before to order your website, you should check the contract to see what type of eCommerce platform they will use and this platform should be compatible with your bank platform 100% othewise bank will refuse your shopping card. Also you should ecommece news of your bank to know what you need really in your website.

Website design cost is vary from company to company and also it is related to volume of information of your company’s items and services. but as we seen before, if you order your site to a company in India, it will be about $1000 up-to $2000. if you order your website to a web design company in US, it will be about $3500 up-to $5500.

Free eCommerce website 

One of the amazing steps to start an eCommerce activity without high charges, is using global eCommerce websites like Amazon, eBay, Pricegrabber or …, it is so easy to signup an account in these websites and upload photo and information of your products to start selling them. open accounts in these eCommerce sites is free but they get between 2% to 7% commissions from your selling price.

Very important: When you sold an items in these websites, they hold the paid money for 40 days and after final confirmation from buyer, then you can withdraw it to your bank account.

eCommerce Marketing

The last step of eCommerce website is marketing of it. If you made the best design and the most beautiful of it and without visitors, it will be nothing for your business. There many ways to do marketing and get visitors for your website. some of them have high costs and some of them are cheap but they take times to bring customers,.

Website Marketing ways:

  • Bulk Emails (Send bulk emails – this method is not good and sometime has bad results)
  • Exchange link (Put link of your site inside high traffic sites)
  • Advertising inside other sites (Advertising your site inside newspapers sites)
  • Paid-per-click (Like Google Adwords, Yahoo advertising, MSN, )
  • Search Engine Optimization (Bring your site in front of other site in Google, Yahoo, MSN search results )
  • Flyers (You can print flyers and distribute it in city)
  • Magazines (Order your site information inside magazines)
  • Mobile SMS (Send sms to mobile numbers and introducing your site)
  • Television (This method has high costs !)
  • Radio (This method is good when address of your site and easy to remember !)
  • Friend-to-Friend

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