Expense Entry Software for Dubai

In any business, Gross income is the main statement for taxation but to know net income, you need to reduce expenses from it, with a perfect expense entry software you can reach net income easily.

There are many software in Dubai markets and you can use them for journal entry of expenses. here we will show you how to use iGreen accounting for expense entry with the easiest way without need to separate journal entry of it (iGreen will post standard journal of expense entry automatically)

How to do expense entry in iGreen

Step 1: Download iGreen accounting software from its link provided in the end of this page and install it

Step 2: in home screen of iGreen, you will see a button as name “Expense Entry”

Expense entry, Step 1 in iGreen

Expense Entry menu

Step 3: Click on “Expense entry” button and you will see expense entry form as below:

Expense Entry Form in iGreen

Expense Entry form

Sample of Expense entry in iGreen

Sample of expense entry in iGreen

Sample of expense entry

Above photo is a sample entry of Cleaning expense as amount of USD 460.

Note: As you see you can change default credit account for this expense voucher and also you can change currency of this voucher easily by click on currency list in above of form


Download iGreen Accounting Software version

You can iGreen accounting software version as expense entry software for your business in Dubai.