Hosting Website and How to Register and Run it

To create a website and start an online shop or showroom you need to have a domain plus host of a hosting company then each website has two main sections:

  1. Domain
  2. Host

What Means Domain

Domain is name of your website and usually it will be end to .com , .net , .org or …
So far name of your website be more simple is better but when you want to register a name for your website you should search for a non-used in the world because name of each website is unique in the world.
Free domain is the term for available name for domain
Actually you can imagine a website like a real shop that name of shop is name of website and space in shop is like space of host.

Sometimes domain owners would like to sell ownership of their domain for different prices it could be from 500 USD to 500,000,000 USD !!!
To register a name for your website you should visit registerar sites
Some famous rregistrarĀ sites

If you can find a domain name more near and similar to your business name the it will be more easy for your visitors and customers to remember it for next exploring

When you got a domain then you should buy a host space to connect it to your domain. Host is the place for files of your websites that includes html, ebooks, video, …

What is Hosting

Host is a computer that installed in a data center with a high speed Internet connection and always is on with a 24 hours maintenance team then anytime your domain is connected to its file and visitors never will see a non existing error page and this service has been named hosting

Data center in US for hosting
You can imagine your online shop will be open 24 hours then it is the most benefits of website .
Your can purchase a host or a dedicated server for hosting of your domain but dedicated server will be cost more expensive about 3000$ per year but a host could be 90$ per year
List of host companies
Host Gator

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