Invoice Software

Invoice is the last and sweet action in any shop and trading store. more invoice means more profits!. It is needful to track all invoices by an invoice software for warranty items and support customers perfectly. it could bring more customers from satisfied existing customers.

Iticale accounting has a modern invoice entry form to record your sales invoice. Please have a look at below photo:

Invoice entry form of Iticale invoice software

Invoice entry form of Iticale invoice software

As you see in invoice form of Iticale, there many accounting features┬álike multi currency, sales person, store number, …

Also you can find a POS ID to select which bank account will receive money via P.O.S payment of customer.

When you select a salesperson, so that he/she will receive the sales commission as you adjusted for his/her accounts in form of sales persons.

Important Note: you don’t need to worry about selected currency, if you would like to see any invoice in another currency, Iticale will calculate it to another currency and will show you instantly. (Currency rate will get from online portal of bank or you can adjust it easily in currency form)

Items and inventory

There is an advanced form in iticale invoice software to adjust inventory of items and goods in stock and warehouse.

Inventory lists in Iticale invoice software

Inventory list in Iticale invoice software

In this inventory form, you can add unlimited photo of items and also you can zoom in and zoom out on its photo.

We put the most important parameters for an items as: Description, Model, Brand, Code, Barcode, Part no, Color, Country, TRA no.


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