Images of items in Accounting Software

Images of Items is very useful for issue invoice to avoid mistake on common items and products and for warranty of sold items. This is very important in some cities in the world like Dubai because warranty is the most condition for trading and business.

For trading companies in Dubai if you have image of items inside sales invoice, it will be more clear for your salesperson and the customers.

Iticale accounting software gives you a feature to put image for every items and products

Items / Service form in Iticale Accounting Software

Items / Service form in Iticale Accounting Software

When you or your salesperson issue a sales invoice then image of item will protect it from any mistakes for common items and products.

Usually accounting software don’t have this feature but it is very useful. if you have a mobile store in Dubai or Abu Dhabi then image of mobile at sale time is very important for warranty. you can control any crack or damage on items or product and compare it with item condition at sale time.