Jurisdiction of Tax

Always it is a important question for business owner whether could they pay their tax in other city? to pay less amount of tax, but nobody could not reply to this answer without knowledge of tax rules in the country.

This is different from country to country for tax payment condition. in country you can declare your tax in any city of your country but in other no. in Canada VAT percentage is different from province to province but you should declare your tax statement in same province that you registered your business. so other other provinces have no jurisdiction on your tax.

tax rates in Canada cities

As you see, tax rates (GST) is different in each provinces of Canada. so that, when your business s in Ontario, you should pay 13% tax but if you adjust your tax declaration in NU, then you pay only 5% but it need you be in special condition. you need a smart tax advocate to guide you in true time.

Pay less tax amount

In some conditions you can declare and adjust your tax statement. if you have to change location of your business from city to other city. like change of school of your children!. also you should beware to don’t get penalty for illegal declaration and misleading tax stuff.