Manage Currencies

Multi currency is one of top feature in iGreen accounting. so that, you can record and issue sales invoices and any voucher of cash transactions in any currency that you want.

To look at list of currencies in iGreen accounting, in home screen, in right, bottom of screen, please click on update currency.

so that, you will see a form as below as title: Currency Adjust System

As you see, you can get list of currencies by synchronize to our currency web service or you can add any currency manually to this form.

Any currency that added to this list, it could be used in invoices, vouchers and any double entry vouchers and in reports.

Currency list in iGreen accounting

Add New currency

To add a new currency to this list, in yellow box, enter symbol of currency, name of it and its equal rate to home currency.

for Example: if you want to add EUR (Euro currency),  as you see in above photo, you should enter rate of 1 euro to 1 dollar : it is 1.12  (it means 1 Euro equals to 1.12 US Dollar)


Euro added in currency list in iGreen accounting