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What is Online Accounting

In Online Accounting concept server of data is a remote server out of company but running application is a local software but in cloud accounting both server of data and running application are located in a remote server

Best platform for Online Accounting

Usually the best designing platform are C++, Delphi, C#, VB. C++ has the most speed  but is very hard for learning.

VB has the lowest speed but very easy for learning then the most low level companies use VB to developing their application but their application has no good security. in Dubai usually C# has been used. in industrial countries as Germany, US, .. the most used platform is C++.

Database server will be MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle ,… . MySQL has the lowest price but low speed, MS SQL server has medium price and medium speed but Oracle is the best in speed and security. Military organization of US, industrial manufacturing as Benz, BMW, Audi, Airbus uses Oracles data servers.

  • Access: No security, weak layer, low speed, Free price
  • Mysql: Low Security, Normal Layer, Low speed, Free price
  • MS SQL: Medium Security, Good Layer, Medium Speed, Free to Normal Price
  • Oracle: High Security, Perfect Layers, High Speed, Expensive Price

Price of Online Accounting Portal in Dubai

The price of online accounting is related to volume of business and grade of company that want to use it. Usually for small company it is about 8000 AED setup + 2000 AED per year but for big company and factories is wil be more than 200,000 AED setup + 15000 AED per year.

Online Accounting vs Cloud Accounting

Online Accounting portal at a glance:

  • Running Application: Local PC
  • Data location:  Remote Server
  • Speed of Application: Good
  • Update tools: Manual by user

Cloud Accounting portal at a glance:

  • Running Application: Remote server
  • Data location: Remote server
  • Speed of Application: Related to server power and internet speed
  • Update tools: Automatically by developer

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