Online Stores Disadvantages

Creating a website and register a company for online sales of items and products will be easy but responsibility of this business is not easy as it looks at the first time. main goal of an online store is not establishing it and reach customers between competitors, the final goal is offer services and products as you announced on site else customers will complain from you to judges and that will be start of problem for you.

For example, you decided to sell spare parts of cars online to world wide, so that you should find real solutions for its steps as below:

  1. Advertisement of  site
  2. List of available spare parts (Fake list will put you in bad problem when customer ordered it and you could not provide it)
  3. Packaging of items (Bad packaging will cause damaged effects on items)
  4. Shipment methods  (Select a bad shipment methods will cause high charges and long time transport )
  5. Warranty of items if they will not work after delivery to customers

therefore you see the most duties are after sales and very important 

Online Sales vs Street Shops

When you have a shop in the street, your customers will come in shop and check items or goods and after a short consideration they will buy them or not. so that customer before delivery will check healthiness of item but in online sales, customer will check it after delivery and if that customer will be admire quality of order , it will be send back on the charges on your behalf. sometimes charges of freight are more that 3 times of item costs !!

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