Installation of Peachtree Accounting Software

Installation of Peachtree accounting software

Peachtree Accounting installation is the first step to use this accounting software for your business. It is very important to select true folder and path to be sure security of your financial data in a safe place. please follow step by step.

Peachtree Accounting installation , Step 1

When you insert the CD of Peachtree accounting software, It will shows you an auto-run screen that includes a button of “Install Peachtree Accounting” Click on it as below:

Peachtree installation step 1


Peachtree Accounting installation , Step 2

Then you will see next screen, click on [Next] as below image:

Peahctree installation step

Peachtree Accounting installation , Step 3

As you see on below image, in the next Step, you should select ”Agree” and then click on Next:

Peachtree installation step 13


Peachtree Accounting installation , Step 4

As you see, you should click on Yes , to recommend window to accept Peachtree connection to internet.

If you click on NO, you could not inform about new version of Peachtree accounting software.

Peachtree installation step 4

then you will see that installation of Peachtree will start and it takes about 5 minutes to finished

Peachtree installation step 6


Peachtree Accounting installation , Step 5

When Peachtree copied all necessary files, then It request from you, its serial number.

This serial numbers is unique and different for each CD and you can find it on the back of Peachree’s case

Peachtree installation step 7

Now, this step is very important., If you want to share financial data on more than one computer, or no!

Select YES if you are using Peachtree accounting on your PC only or select No if you want to share your data

Peachtree installation step 8

I suppose You want to use Peachtree only on this PC, then select YES


As below, here again select YES to create database file on your PC

Peachtree installation step 9


Peachtree Accounting installation , Step 6

As Below, You can select a path on your PC for creating files of database

Peachtree installation step 10

then , click on next on two next screens to start creating database files of Peachtree.

now , Peachtree accounting software are ready on your PC and it will run at the end of last screen.

Final step of Peachtree installation

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