Platforms of Applications

There are many programming languages, platforms, and data servers for software developers to producing applications. each platforms and data servers has its unique benefits but we should select true types of them to reach the best results of speeds and security in the end user design of application. data server is very important for financial software like accounting software, CRM, ERP and banks applications.

Here we tried to describe all the most used platforms and data servers to help you select the best for your programming projects.

  • Data Server type

    • Available data servers are SQL Server, Paradox, IBX, DB base, MS Access, Oracle, Informix, Spreadsheet, Text files, Dat files and more.
      Types of data servers for accounting software

      Types of data Servers

      • Oracle is the most powerful data server and it is very expensive. so that commonly big organization, governments and military department only use it.
      • SQL Server is one of the most used data server in the world for network accounting systems and almost any software programmer knows it. Microsoft is the main company that producing this data ever
      • Paradox is old data base of Delphi from Borland. but it is an out of time database and no body uses it nowadays
      • IBX is new data server from Borland for Embarcadero platform and it is not common data server for data software yet
      • DB base is common data-server for small size accounting software and shop accounting software. it doesn’t need a powerful server, so that it will cost no extra for a developer
      • Ms Access is used by new students in universities. very easy to learning and working. but it is not safe and secure for a real accounting software.
      • Informix is out of service and not good on any project
      • Spreadsheet are used by Excel platform and it is very familiar for reception stuffs. but excel doesn’t support modern search and combined search as SQL server and its data is not secured and locked like SQL server
  • Platforms

    • Visual Studio
      • Most of accounting software in middle-east and GCC countries like Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Qatar are designed with this platform. Peachtree accounting has been designed by Visual C++
    • Borland
      • Most of business software in Germany and some European counties will be designed with Borland. It is good to know that Window operating systems have been designed by C++ of Borland. Quickbooks accounting has been designed by Borland platform.
    • C++
      • There are small quantity of accounting software with this platform because it is very hard and systematic. Usually antivirus and super system program will be designed by C++
    • Pyton
      • It is a nice platform for online accounting portal but hard to learning
    • PHP
      • The famous platform and programming language for online accounting portal and blog systems
  • Business Structures

    • Retails Stores
      • This type of accounting is suitable only for small shops with retails daily sales
    • ERP
      • It means Enterprise resource planning and it suitable for an organization to manage the business and automate back office functions of IT, services and HR sections.
    • CRM
      • CRM means customers relation management and it will addresses to departments that want a software for customers management and support warranty cards and follow up customers orders
    • MIS
      • It means Management Information System and it includes all types of application for all departments of a company in an integrated network

Types of accounting software in operations

  • Server location

    • File Server
      • All database files are on your local PC or laptop without network features. EZI accounting software is one these types of software. Peachtree also support local server very easy and it is one most used software in Dubai and GCC countries. This type of server has no security and anybody access files, can open financial data easily
    • Local Server
      • All data are in secured MDF files and only SQL server can open it by a secured password. Peachtree, Quikcbooks and iGreen supports this types of server. Peachtree is used widely in Dubai and GCC and Quickbooks is used in US and Canada.
    • Online Server
      • All your data file only will be store on an online server. so that you can access your accounting data any where in the world by internet connection. iGreen accounting support this type of server very good and easy.
    • Cloud Server
      • Both application files and data files are on online server and actually you will access your accounting software by a special remote terminal. Quickbooks accounting has a perfect cloud version nowadays
  • Report Types

    • Crystal Reports
    • Fast Reports
    • Spreadsheets
    • Text Reports
  • Price of software

    • 0 to 200 USD
      • iGreen accounting and EZI solution
    • 200 to 1000 USD
      • Peachtree accounting in Dubai, Tally accounting in India
    • 1000 to 5000 USD
      • Quickbooks in US and Canada for medium businesses
    • More than 5000 USD
      • Military and special business software for big companies like eBay, Amazon, and ….

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