Quick Rice Cooking in Dubai

Traveling to Dubai is very interesting time for anybody, whatever with family or without family!. You can find luxury shop centers with the latest fashion styles from the rest of the world. You can find top brand food company here as McDonald, Subway, KFC and more. For one week stay in Dubai, that it perfect to have food from brand fast food and luxury Arabic and Asian restaurants with their delicious recipes. But if you should stay more than two weeks or one month, so it is a different condition for your life and budget.
Eating one time in restaurant in Dubai will costs from 40 AED (12 USD) to 150 AED (50 USD), so it is a an extra charge in your budget plan.

Easy cooking method in travel

In the Middle East, the most of food will be combo and served with rice. For example: Chicken with rice, Kebab with rice or Gourmet with rice. But if you are a new to cooking so that cooking and preparing rice will be hard for you !. but don’t worry. There is a solution for you by Black+Decker company.
An automatic rice cooker as below photo you can see. With 1.8 Litter capacities, it is suitable to prepare rice for 4 persons.
It has a top space for steam cooking of vegetables in same time of rice cooking.
Time or cooking rice: 20 minutes
Price in Dubai: 100 AED (30 USD) in carrefour store in City center malls

Black+Decker rice cooker

1.8L Black+Decker rice cooker

How to cooking rice with Black+Decker rice cooker

It is very easy, only put fully big cup of dry rice inside it and pure 2 cups of water with small teaspoon salt and some drops of olive oil. Then close its door and turn it on. After 20 minutes rice is ready.
If you go back to it after longer time, it will keep rice warm and ready to it automatically.

cooked rice by Black+Decker

cooked rice by Black+Decker