Restaurant Managment Software

If you have a restaurant or fast food, then you know customers have not much time to wait for paper order systems so you need  an automation software in order and delivery like a modern restaurant management system with database that uses a server side data center.

If you have a look at famous fast food company  like KFC, MacDonald, Subway and the other food courts then you see when you order your food it will inform instantly the cooking section cause of an restaurant software.Restaurant management software

Accounting Tasks in Restaurant and fast food

  • Easy menu for get order from customer
  • Fast network system between order bell desk and cooking section monitor
  • Instant inventory control of raw materials before they get off it
  • Report best salesperson to grow business
  • Report the fastest salesperson and bounce systems
  • True network system between bell desk and order operator to protect double order to cooking monitor

Structure of Software

  • Server side data center
  • Special chart of accounts for food service industries
  • Main software on Windows and mac under control of supervisor
  • Order application on ipad, tablet for waiters
  • Parking wallet system
  • Cash register system

Below image is home screen of ezee burrp restaurant accounting and automation

Top Accounting Software for Restaurant

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