Restaurant Point of Sale Systems

We are hungry but we love to eat our food in modern restaurant to bring our orders faster and accurately, so it is our consumer rights to have a calm in food times. The first tools in any modern restaurant is Point of Sale to make it more smart and more faster. Waiter will enter your order at table and instantly, cooker will receive your order and get to start a delicious food for you.

Point of Sale in Restaurant

10 Top of Point of Sale in Restaurant

Structure of Restaurant Order System

At a business glance, a restaurant will be made from 3 hubs: 1- Customer (iPad of Menu ) 2- Cooking (Order Monitor ) 3- Reception (Cashier)

A P.O.S software will communicate categorized data between these section

POS Structure in Restaurant

POS Structure in Restaurant

How much does a restaurant point of sale system cost?

Point of sale systems are in different versions of software and hardware. You can order software of POS to a company and hardware to other company or you can order both of them to one company. The best POS system is to order both to one company because you can get the best support and after sales warranty for it. Point of sales are from 2500 USD to 7500 USD for a complete system (Hardware + software).

Also some point of sales have tablet devices and portable receipt printer. It makes it more expensive.

What POS systems do restaurants use?

Small restaurants use one POS that includes a monitor+ a case+ a printer  but luxury restaurants use advanced point of sale with touch screen devices, Smart bell, Reception POS, chef POS, and Cash system.