Screenshots of Iticale Accounting Software

These screenshots has been taken in windows 7 from Iticale accounting software.

Screenshots of Home Screen

Iticale accounting software, main screen

Main screen of Iticale accounting software

This is screenshots of First screen that you will see when you run Iticale accounting software in windows 7. (Also you can run this accounting software in any version of windows that you would like). In this screen you can quickly click on big pictured button or select from top menu bar

Screenshots of Invoice

SalesInvoice, Iticale screenshots

Screenshot of Invoice

list of items and goods, Iticale screenshots

Goods and Items list

Cash Transactions

Cash out entry form, Iticale screenshots

Cash out entry (Cash payments)

Cash In entry form, Iticale screenshots

Cash in entry form (Cash Receipt)

Screenshots of Reports

Chart of Accounts, Iticale screenshots

Chart of Accounts

expense entry form, Iticale screenshots

Expense entry

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