How to Select an Accounting Application

Accounting Applications parameters

Every accounting software or accounting application includes commonly feature as below:

  • Programming platform: Visual C++, Borland C++, Delphi, VB, C#, Python, ..
  • Database type: Paradox, SQL server, SCE, MS Access, DBF, Firebird
  • Data location:  Local  or Online

Select accounting application for your business

First of all you should check your business status, country of business location, volume of financial transaction, quantity of employee, and business type

if you and your employees have high speed internet connection then online server for database is the best. If you are in USA, Canada, UK, Australia, .. and any English country then C++ is the best for you but if you are in G.C.C. countries like Emirates, KSA,..  and middle-east and you use Right to left language like Arabic, Farsi, Hibrou then VB and Delphi are the best