When you have a business or shop in Dubai, finding customers is final step but very important. without customers a business is not a profitable business.There are many ways to find customers. In one word, SEO on website is the best method in Dubai to get more profits and business with minimum expenses.

Methods of Advertisements in Dubai

Some methods of are in person, some others are by paper and some others are digital. at a glance we can categorize these methods as below

  • Showrooms
  • Exhibitions
  • Events
  • Friend to Friend (Referral customers)
  • Visitors
  • Flyers
  • Magazines (10,000 AED to 15,000 per month)
  • TV  (About 7000 USD per minutes in peak time)
  • Radio
  • Street Stands
  • Email sending
  • Social networks
  • Adwords (Paid search)
  • SEO (Search engine optimization)

Google adwords in Dubai

If you want to reach visitors and customers instantly. SEO is not ideal options. you can order us to manage your website in page one of search and in top positions to be seen perfectly. as you see in below photo, our seo expert, Mr Fazilati ( fazilati.. @ ) did a huge adwords for an interior design company by Google Adwords. they got more than 110 millions AED sales in ten years for Adwords budget of 1.6 million AED.

Note: for privacy and confident of customer, some information has been glared and unclear

Google Adwords by Mr. Fazilati in Dubai

Google Adwords by Mr. Fazilati

As you see on above photo, red line (average line of chart) shows up movement of costs of Adwords and also real sales of this company had a grow up to 2 millions AED per month from Google’s Adwords marketing resources

Advantages of SEO in Dubai

When you advertise your products and services by other methods, they have much charges and the biggest issue is their short life. For example,  I mean when you stop payment for TV, then your advertisement will stop instantly. but when you bring your site or blog by SEO in page one in Google of UAE ( ), then it will remain for a long time (Usually six months), if you stop payment for SEO. then we can list benefits of SEO as below

  • Low charges
  • Long lasting on markets
  • More effective
  • Find right customers
  • The most exact reports of results
  • Managing budget better

Let us have a real example of advertisement in Dubai. If you have a budget of 10,000 AED per month for advertisement. then you can

  • one week in one magazine
  • 10 Seconds in TV
  • 10 minutes in Radio (like radio stations as Dubai eye, Dubai92, Virgin radio, Al Emarat Radio , … etc)
  • one Day on one street stand in Sheikh Zayed road
  • two week distributing of flyer (charges of print flyers  + salary of flyer-man)
  • Rent one day a stand in trade center exhibition
  • One month/ 24 hours in page one of Google of exactly customers search for it

However you can see when your website is in page one of (SEO) is the best method to show your products to customers with the most effective presentation. Also you should keep in in mind everybody has mobile and when he/she opens Google and search, then he/she will see you but everybody has not TV, or Radio, read magazine.

And the most important, by a website, you will find customers from rest of the world but by a street stand only local customers will see you.

We at Iticale group, will work on your website and reach it to page one on selected keywords and terms to get sales from it. Please contact us us to have a free consultation about SEO in Dubai.

Example of our SEO in Dubai

As you see in below photo, we started working on luxainterior site and from 1st of Sep to 10th of Sep, impressions of site got a 3 times better. Usually a perfect result to reach a high visits per day and high traffic and finally get sales will takes 3 month times.

SEO on luxainterior in Dubai by Iticale group

SEO on in Dubai

SEO plans and pricing

To calculate pricing of doing seo of your websites, it could be categorized into plans and sections as below:

  • Types of server
    • Dedicated server or shared server, it has a big different on speed and also on price
  • Features of server
    • Linux server or windows server, it is related to your application but same price
  • Type of site
    • Commercial site, blogging, non-profit site.. it will effect on price of modules we should use for your site
  • Type of your business
  • Types of your company’s products
    • It is one of the most important factor. some of products have top competitors and but some have low competitors. so that existing competitors will make processes of seo hard or easy
  • Age of your company in Dubai
  • Age of your website, if you have an existing website
  • Budgets that you have in your mind for seo
    • With high budget we can provide you VIP services and paid services for reach sales in Dubai from your website. for example budgets could be from 7000AED to 150,000 AED per months
  • Volumes of your sales

At a glance your can order seo of your site from 10,000 AED per month to 70,000 AED per month. it is related to decision of director manager

Monthly SEO packages

For big sized companies and businesses in Dubai, A powerful seo and regular updates of it is very important. it is important to have the last rules of search optimization on their sites without any bug and problem. for big companies or shops with huge amount of customers and trading, we will register a dedicated server from the best hosting companies from US, Canada, Australia and then we will update, maintenance, optimize sites everyday to keep it in perfect conditions of works, view and in top pages of search results.

SEO packages for small business

Small business in Dubai, like single branch shops don’t need a big seo on their website. because they don’t need much customers and also big seo has big amount of charges for them. the most benefits for these types of shops for their customers in Dubai is showing their new products without sending bulk emails. bulk emails are not good and almost bulk email sending is a dead method for marketing. so that the best way for small businesses and shops in Dubai is create a website and update it with their latest products. We can optimize your website for a one time payment and after that you can post your new products easily without need our help. Please fill up below form for inquiry about seo for your shops.

Free consultation of SEO in Dubai

Please fill up below form, We will arrange a meeting with you to have a cup of tea on your site and decide how to reach it to profits

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