SEO Project for a company in Canada

Today i got an order from a KP company in Vancouver / Canada. my job is working on SEO of their site to get more traffic in Google search in cities of Canada as Toronto, Vancouver and ..

They business is renovation home and remodeling interior design. They get renovation project and rebuild interior design again with new idea and designs

I hope to make it a good job and finish this project perfectly.

Current status of web traffic from Google (Clicks)

As you see on below photo, regard to official report from Google and with end date of report to the date of 20th April 2020 (21/04/2020), their site has maximum 2 click per day and the most days it has no click even. also in last 30 days this has has no click !.

Traffic report of click from Google of KS site

Current status of web traffic from Google (Impressions)

and here there are report of impressions. it has very low traffic near to zero. so i have a hard-work to grow this business up in Canada by web marketing (SEO).

Traffic report of impressions from Google of KS site

I will put more report in next days and I will show result of my SEO works on this site. I hope to make it a top result project.