Shop Accounting Software

Shops and stores with retails or whole sales trading are the basic business in any city so a shop accounting program is need as computer software to manage his business cash flow and control the profit and loss of it. There are many types of accounting program for shops but you should try a demo version of it before purchase full version to satisfy your mind and keep your calm. Be aware some of computer software are cheap but they bring a world of bugs to your times.

Actually you could not imagine even a shop without an accounting program in the modern cities.


Parameters for shops accounting program

Shop accounting software by Iticale

  • Image of item condition in time of invoicing (very useful for refurbished items and second hand goods)
  • Sales invoicing with barcode devices
  • Warranty trace
  • Network between stations of shops
  • Network between branches of business
  • Online backup of data on cloud servers
  • Restore financial data any where , anytime
  • Enter serial no of items and goods on invoices
  • Easy installation
  • Installments sales to selected customers
  • Trace best salesperson to grow business of shop
  • User friendly reports as income statements, profit & loss, cash flow


We designed a software with more options as above to care of your business. you can access your accounting main software on windows and mac and you can access your urgent financial reports, inventory adjustment, bar code entry by mobile application like android, iPhone and windows phone if you select your server on online server. Also you have an option to select server of your data in local PC, domestic server of foreign server related to speed of your internet.

P.O.S of Shop Automation

Shop accounting software on POS hardware

You can buy a P.O.S hardware (Point of Sales) or we can offer it to you with the lowest price and the best configuration and speed.

If you would like to buy yourself, please keep it in mind minimum configuration as below:

HDD: 100 GB, Ram 2 GB, CPU Pentium 1.5 GHz to up


For any inquiry, Please mention your business background, type of items and services be sold in your shop, contact details in below form for inquiry.

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