Cloud Accounting vs Accounting Software

Nowadays, you see cloud accounting services in the most website of financial software companies like Quickbooks, Peachtree, … but what is cloud accounting? why they named it cloud? is it similar to cloud?!

Cloud Accounting at a glance

What is Cloud Accounting

Actually it is online accounting application that made from two main parts

  1. Web application
  2. Database server

Web application will run on server and you will see result as a html page (Server side application)

Database server will protect your data by 3 main secret section (1- ip  3- User ID  3- Password)

Accounting software better or Cloud Accounting

accounting software will save you financial data on a local pc but cloud accounting software will save your data on a remote server then if you have a good internet use cloud accounting but if you want to have data on your own pc, you should use accounting software for windows or mac

Benefit of Accounting Software

  • No Need to internet
  • Data on your own PC
  • High speed of report and entry

Benefits of Cloud Servers

  • You can access your data any where , any time
  • No need to backup
  • Update by developer
  • Easy support by developer