Starting A Business

For establishing a company or shop in any country, you should have a license for it, so register a legal a license to starting a business is the first step.

In some country like U.A.E, you can register a general trading license then you can do any business with it but in some country like china you should register a license for any trading products.

Start a Business with open a showroom

Start a Business with open a showroom

Steps to Begin A Business

From country to country it is different but to get started, generally we can do some steps as below:

  • Select the product or services that you would like to be active in its business
    • This is very important step and we suggest you have enough meeting with some of your friends or have many times consulatation with trusted attornies in your country
  • Register a name for your business
  • Rent or buy a shop or showroom
  • Decorating your showroom or shop with the most beautiful interior design
  • Hire the best salesperson as you can
  • Start a marketing by some resources as magazines, flyers, TV, internet or door-to-door visitors

Start A Business in USA

Choose type of your business and select a state

USA has 50 states so you should select one of them then you should choose which type of business you will be in. for foreigner the best and the most friendly states are : Nevada,  Wyoming, and Delaware.

 There are two types of business: 1- LLC 2-C Corporation

A Registered Agent

You should give your official papers and documents to a registered agent that located in the state where you have plan for it.

Get Your Tax ID No.

With you tax ID number, your business will be identified by the IRS. The official site of IRS:

To obtain an ITIN from IRS organization you should use form W-7  to apply for it

Open an account in a bank inside U.S.

It is easy to open an account in bank. you will offer: Your passport copy, the incorporation documents , and Tax ID number.