Actually, the most governments will return charges of public services like streets, park and green area maintenance by getting tax. Tax rules are vary from state to state in US, province to province in Canada, and city to city in UK. so it is important to know taxation rates of a state, province or city before open a showroom, shop or business in it. tax will be paid direct or indirect. direct by annual payments and indirect by value added tax on invoices.

Types of Taxes

  • Income tax
    • In the most countries, from 12% to 25% of gross income should be paid as income tax
  • Property tax
    • It is a tax for property owners like home owners, shop owner, and landlords
  • Value Added Tax (VAT)
    • This type of tax will be paid indirect by adding on total amount of sales invoices

What is Taxation

Taxation is a complicated area. professional accountants advise businesses on a whole range of tax issues. Much of this involves tax planning (i.e., minimizing the amount of tax that organisations have to pay by taking full advantage of the often complex tax regulations).


This tax avoidance which operates within the law should be distinguished from tax evasion which is illegal. Professional accountants may also help individuals with a scourge of modern life, the preparation of their annual income tax assessment.

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