Temporary Car Insurance

When you are traveling to another country by your vehicle, it is important to have a calm mind from your driving. you can not use your national auto insurance in other country but you can obtain a temporary insurance for your car easily with a low price at the time of entrance to other country. We will try to put a list of some insurance companies that provide temporary insurance fast with affordable prices for 1 to 28 days as short term insurance. It is your option to register for a cheap car insurance or high value contract but pay attention to different why cheat or expensive ?!.

Who can get a short term car insurance

Temporary Car Insurance

  • All persons from 17 years to 75 years
  • A valid driving license with minimum one year validity
  • A car with minimum value of 1500 USD to maximum 40,000 USD
  • A Car or Van with maximum 7500 Tons weight
  • A Car with maximum 6 Seats only

It is easy to get car insurance quotes online from insurance companies. usually insurance quotes will be not clear and strongly we recommend to read all details of contract before sign it!.

Why you need a Temporary Car Insurance

  • You maybe need to borrow your friend's car
  • You need to drive car temporary to see its function to buy it in future
  • Your current car is in repair center for a short time
  • Your car is new and it doesn't have an annual policy
  • Because you have to move your house by a van

Type of car insurances

Basis car insurance includes : Liability insurance, Vehicle coverages amd Medical Coverage

Compare Car insurances

  • Liability Insurance
    • It will covers the cost of repairing any parts of car that has been damaged by an accident and medical expenses of injuries if you are covered car accident or opposite car in your actions. To have this type of car insurance you should have minimum condition as a good driver but vary from state to state in US.
  • Vehicle Coverage
    • If you have an expensive car, so it is for you. typically 10% to 30% of the value of your car will be charge of vehicle coverage. but the insurance company will take fresh photo of car body at contract time. some of contract will covers total value of your car but it will be more cost for you.  Note: Bank will set a vehicle coverage to car for loan car always.
  • Comprehensive Coverage
    • This is a situation for  un-waited events as weather damage,  hit to animals on the road, and Anti-theft.
    •  Note: Bank will set a vehicle coverage to car for loan car always
  • PIP Insurance ( Personal Injury Protection)
    • PIP will pays for any cost of passengers get damaged no matter who is at fault
    • Note: Some of states will no offer PIP car insurance.

For more information about car insurance : www.dmv.org/insurance/vehicle-coverages.php

Before Traveling to Foreign Country by car

It is recommended to read insurance rules of the country yo have plan to travel to.  some of country doesn't accept temporary and you should pay full for it. so it could be one of much money hidden charges

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